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vietnam quartz sand production line case

Vietnam Quartz Sand Washing Dry Drainage and Tail Water Treatment

This production line screens natural quartz sand, cleans and recovers, purifies tailwater, and treats solid waste dry discharge. Regarding how to choose the zero-emission sand washing and recycling equipment, after many comparisons and investigations, the customer finally chose us to work hard as the equipment supplier.

vietnam quartz sand production line case

Project Overview

User site information and requirements

1. Material type: 70-80% quartz sand, 20-30% kaolin

2. Output: 100t/h raw material input.

3. Water volume: 300m3/h.

vietnam quartz sand production line case

Recommended main equipment

1. Screening equipment: vibrating feeder GZG80-120

2. Scrubbing equipment: scrubbing machine stirring device CX2

3. Sand washing and recycling equipment: DS-LX11-30-1842D multifunctional screen washing machine

4. Sewage thickening equipment: trihydrogen purifier S6040

5. Tail water treatment zero-discharge equipment: automatic pull plate chamber filter press G500-150

vietnam quartz sand production line case


Implementation plan

1.The raw materials are evenly transported to the scrubbing machine by the feeding equipment.

2. The mixture enters the scrubbing machine for scrubbing work, which can make the soil wrapped on the sand surface fall off fully and achieve the effect of sand separation.

3. Multifunctional sand washing and recycling integrated machine to realize the cleaning, recycling, and dry discharge of natural quartz sand.

4. Sewage thickening equipment to realize the thickening of the mud after the operation of the above-mentioned fine sand recovery machine.

5. The chamber filter press presses the thickened sludge into a mud cake to separate the mud and water to obtain the finished kaolin.

vietnam quartz sand production line case


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