GP Tailings Dewatering Screen

GP series tailing recovery screening machine is specially designed for metal tailing recovery, which combines with the characteristics of metal tailing on the basis of GZ series high frequency sieve. It is mainly used for iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum ore tailing dehydration. It is a new type tailing recovery machine which is designed to focus on solving problems existing in many tailing recovery screening machines in domestic.

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LZZG series introduced products to absorb foreign advanced technology, and designed combined with sand field actual situation. It can effectively reduce the loss amounts of fine material; solve problems of end product such as relatively high fineness modulus and relatively low stone powder content. The fine material can be recycled as high as 95%, with incomparable technical and economic advantages.

Product Data

Model Capacity (t/h) Screen Panel (mm) Hydrocyclone (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
GP12-30 20-50 1200*2400 150*2 11 4280*2600*3000
GP15-60 60-100 1500*3000 150*4 22 4880*2900*3280
GP18-90 80-140 1800*4200 150*6 37 6080*3200*3500
GP24-120 120-200 2400*4800 150*8 44 6680*3800*3800

Details Introduction

Tailings dewatering screen is specifically designed for mineral screening and dewatering processes, which can realize the separation of different size particles and dehydration to conveyable discharge cake of material at one screen panel and at the same time. Screening and dewatering is a process in which water and materials detached when the material passes through screen surface in a thin layer. Dewatering vibrating screens is ideal for applications in sand, gravel, aggregate, frac sand, mineral, ore, coal, tailing, clay, etc. The screening mesh is usually 0.16mm, other mesh all can be customized to meet your needs.


Working principle
When the tailings dry draining screen is used for dry tailing of tailings, the workflow is as follows:
The feed tailings are evenly fed into the feed inlet of the sieve by the feeding box. Firstly, about 1/3 of the water is removed at the level of 45 degrees to install the drain screen, and the combination of the flat sieve plate and the inclined sieve plate is entered. After the Ministry, the accumulation of materials appeared, the slime particles settled by gravity, and began to form a thinner filter layer, which in turn prevented the remaining particles from passing through the sieve, so that the filter layer gradually thickened.
The water that fails to pass through the sieve forms a pool in the upper part of the filter layer. Since the filter layer is thinner here, the water gradually gradually removes under strong motion. Due to the high-frequency low-amplitude vibration state, the tailings vibrating the filter layer is formed. More and more compact, to the discharge opening, the material forms a filter cake, the water in the tailings is removed from the screen surface, and the other parts appear on the surface of the material layer due to the capillary action. It will overflow from the discharge opening, and the surface water will flow to the joint pool.

1. High working frequency, high vibration intensity, low moisture content on the sieve, high unit processing capacity, and high solid recovery when used for tailings dewatering.
2. Using the self-synchronization principle, the motor drives the vibrator through the tire coupling, which has a simple structure and low working noise.
3. Install at a negative inclination angle, and install the sieve surface of the dewatering section at a level of 45 degrees to increase the dewatering area and promote the dehydration of the material as soon as possible to form a filter layer.
4. In order to adapt to the difference in the properties of different tailings, the amplitude of the screen can be adjusted. The method is to adjust the angle between the main and auxiliary eccentric blocks to meet the dewatering effect of tailings with different properties. Great efforts to achieve. Excellent process effect.
5. The side plate and the beam are connected by torsion-shear type high-strength bolts, and there is no weld seam, which avoids the problem of side plate cracking caused by welding stress.
6. The vibrator is a block eccentric unit structure, which is easy to disassemble and maintain.
7. The bearing adopts special bearing for vibration equipment to avoid premature damage of bearing heat.
8. The mesh surface adopts polyurethane elastic screen surface, high opening ratio and elasticity, which is beneficial to dehydration.

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