What are the factors of sand-making machine vibration

The rotor is the core component of the impact sand-making machine. After the rotor vibrates for some reason, it may cause the vibration of the entire equipment. Therefore, here we first introduce the reasons for the vibration of the rotor.

sand-making machine vibration

1. The motor shaft and the rotor shaft are not concentric

The solution is to re-align. After checking the installation, be sure to make the motor shaft and the rotor shaft concentric.

2. The rotor bearing is damaged

If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit or the bearing is damaged, it will cause severe vibration of the rotor. The solution is to replace the new bearing. In the process of use, it should be checked regularly to see if the bearing needs to be replaced, so as not to delay production.

sand-making machine vibration

3. The rotor is unbalanced

The imbalance of other parts on the rotor will cause the rotor to be out of balance and cause vibration, which requires careful inspection and adjustment of the rotor balance separately. For example, when the hammers are turned and used, to prevent the weight of the rotor from being unbalanced, all the hammers in the crusher must be turned around at the same time, otherwise, strong vibration will occur during operation, and attention should be paid to the weight difference between the corresponding two groups during installation. more than 5g.

4. Material blockage

If the material is blocked, the material should be cleared in time. To prevent vibration caused by material blockage, the feeding specifications should be strictly controlled, and foreign objects that cannot be broken into large particles should not be allowed to enter the crusher. If the material contains a lot of water, it will stick in the crusher, gradually condense into large pieces, and adhere to the inner wall of the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, the material will be blocked, so we should pay attention to the moisture content of the feed.

sand-making machine vibration

In addition, there are the following reasons that can also cause abnormal vibration of the sand making machine

1. The foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose

When abnormal vibration occurs in the sand-making machine, first check whether it is caused by the foundation and anchor bolts. If the foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose, the stability of the machine will be affected. At this time, it is necessary to check and tighten the bolts, and in the future use process, check whether the foundation or bolts are loose at intervals and if they are loose, reinforce them in time.

2. Too much feeding amount or too large material size

If the feeding amount exceeds the load of the sand-making machine, the sand-making machine will not be able to crush the materials in the crushing cavity in time, which will cause the materials to accumulate in the crushing cavity and cause abnormal vibration. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the feeding amount in time and maintain uniform and continuous feeding.

When the material is too large, it will also cause abnormal vibration. Therefore, the size of the feed should be checked to meet the requirements, and the material with abnormal particle size should be removed in time.

sand-making machine vibration

3. Spindle bending deformation

When the main shaft of the sand-making machine is bent and deformed, it will also cause abnormal vibration of the sand-making machine. At this time, the spindle needs to be replaced or corrected in time.

4. Wear of wear parts

When the wear-resistant block of the sand-making machine is worn, the crushing process of the sand-making machine will be blocked, resulting in abnormal vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect it in time, and repair or replace it in time when it is found to be worn.

Abnormal vibration is not only a problem encountered by the sand-making machine, but also occurs in other crushing equipment, which is more common. Check carefully when handling, especially for abnormal vibrations caused by worn or detached internal consumables.

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