Common fault analysis and treatment methods of sand making machine

Sand-making machine, also known as a vertical shaft impact crusher, is a widely used mechanical sand-making equipment. In production, the sand-making machine will inevitably encounter various problems. Once the machine fails, it will affect the production efficiency and thus the economic benefits. Today, I will introduce 10 common troubleshooting methods. If you encounter such problems, I hope to provide some help.

sand making machine

1. The operation of the equipment is unstable, and the fuselage swings too much

Causes of failure: 1) The wearing parts on the impeller are seriously worn. 2) The feed size is too large. 3) There are obstacles in the impeller channel, making the feeding uneven and swinging.

Solution: 1) Replace the wearing parts to balance the internal impeller of the sand-making machine. 2) Strictly control the feed particle size, not exceeding the maximum particle size allowed by the equipment. 3) Remove obstructions from the impeller passage and cleanly broken cavities frequently.

2. An abnormal sound is heard during the operation of the device

Cause of failure: The connecting bolts or lining plates, impellers, and other vulnerable parts inside the sand-making machine are loose and fall.

Solution: Immediately stop the machine and secure the loose or loose parts again.

3. The bearing is not flexible

Cause of failure: The bearing sealing ring of the sand-making machine has entered the material and other foreign objects.

Solution: Open the sealing ring and clean the foreign body.

sand making machine

4. Bearing temperature increases

Causes of failure: 1) Dust and foreign matter enter the bearing parts. 2) The bearing is damaged due to grinding. 3) The bearing is short of oil.

Solution: 1) Clean the foreign body. 2) Replace the bearings with new ones. 3) Add lubricating oil on time.

5. The sealing rings at the upper and lower ends of the shaft are damaged

Failure reason: The upper (lower) bushing will generate heat due to the friction of the upper (lower) bottom surface of the upper (lower) gland, which will cause damage over time.

Solution: Replace with new upper and lower sealing rings.

6. Oil seeps from the upper and lower ends of the shaft

Cause of failure: Because the sealing ring moves up and down with the bearing, the worn sealing ring leaks oil.

Solution: replace the sealing ring.

7. Greater emissions efforts

Causes of failure: 1) The V-belt of the transmission part is loose due to the long-term use of the equipment; 2) The feed size is too large; 3) The impeller speed is unreasonable and the efficiency is reduced.

Solution: 1) Adjust the tightness of the belt; 2) Strictly follow the feeding requirements of the sand making machine (if the feeding will cause the equipment to swing too much, if the feeding amount is too small, the impact and crushing will be insufficient, and it is difficult to achieve Qualified finished product) 3) Adjust the speed of the impeller until it reaches the ideal standard.

sand making machine

8. The machine is suddenly loud and there is a roar

Causes of failure: 1) bearing or gear failure; 2) loose bolts; 3) serious wear of wearing parts.

Solution: 1) Check whether the bearings and gears are in good condition, and repair or replace them in time; 2) Tighten the bolts; 3) Replace the vulnerable parts.

9. Idle resistance is too large

Cause of failure: There is a material blockage in the seal cover of the bearing.

Solution: Remove the clogged material from the bearing and check the corresponding equipment for clogged material.

10. The sound of metal colliding in the sand making machine

Cause of failure: The bushing, impeller, or other parts are loose and fall off.

Solution: Check the whole machine, and tighten or replace related parts.

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