LZZG is a newcomer in mining machinery industry. After years of development, Our products cover all aspects of the equipment field in the sand washing industry, such as sand washer, dewatering screen, vibrating screen, paste thickener, filter press, etc., and have gained the consensus of the industry.

Gravity Thickener

Gravity thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity settlement, which is similar to clarifier and sedimentation tank. It can make suspended solids in the slurry gradually sink to the bottom of the tank. Gravity thickeners are often used in mining, metallurgy and other industries to process various minerals, metals and non-metals. In addition, gravity thickeners can also be us…

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LSF Hydraulic Classifier

LSF hydraulic classifier is part of the family of hindered settling classification equipments. It adopts the mechanism of “layer flow high shear rate”, which solves the problem that traditional technology cannot adapt to the change of feed particle size, resulting in the loss of fine material recovery. LSF hydraulic classifier has significant advantages in terms of capacity, adaptability and effic…

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Spiral Chute

Spiral chute is a mineral processing equipment that generates a centrifugal flow film on the inclined surface of the spiral based on the differences in specific gravity, particle size, and shape between useful minerals and gangue minerals. In the comprehensive force field of gravity and centrifugal force, the separation of useful minerals and gangue is achieved by utilizing the gravity, hydrodynam…

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Silica Scrubbing Machine

LZZG silica scrubbing machine adopts efficient impeller design to control turbulence, so as to realize effective attrition scrubbing. It tries its best to remove surface films, coatings, or slimes without reducing the particle size. The incoming materials are washed for many times to provide the best washing effect, which can fully improve the product values and increase the recovery of viable pro…

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Banana screen

JR banana screen is suitable for screening, dehydration, medium, desliming, and other operations of coal, gravel aggregate, minerals, and other materials. This series adopts different screening areas, screen seam size, number of screen surface segments, and leaning angle of the screen according to the different uses and processing capacity of the screen. It is divided into single-layer and double-…

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