Reasons for the decline in sand machine output

Date: May. 27, 2022

The sand-making machine is a common source of sand and gravel aggregate, but in the process of using them, the output of the sand-making machine is often reduced. The reasons for the decline in the production of manufactured sand are as follows.

sand machine output

1. Start with the characteristics of the processed materials

The moisture content of the material will also affect the output of the sand-making machine. The composition and elements of the material are analyzed to accurately determine whether it meets the production requirements of the sand-making machine. When the water content is too large, the fine-grained material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse-grained material due to the increase in humidity, thereby increasing the viscosity of the material and reducing the discharge speed, which leads to a decrease in productivity. In severe cases, the discharge port may even be blocked.

2. Whether the motor of the sand making machine is worn

The motor is the power source of the engine, which is the same as refueling the car. If the power is insufficient, the operation speed will not be able to keep up, and the power of the sand machine will not meet the normal production demand, resulting in excessive material return and production decline.

3. Check the inside of the equipment to see if there are foreign objects in the crushing cavity

Suppose there is no problem with the materials processed by the equipment. In that case, another important reason may be that blocky stones are stuck in the crushing cavity, and some relatively hard materials are easy to wear out of the cavity. If there is such a reason, it should be removed in time to avoid damage to the sand-making machine and a decrease in output.

sand machine output

4. Whether the auxiliary equipment is powerful

We know that sand production lines are generally equipped with a complete set of equipment. If there is a problem with one of the equipment sent such as a jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, etc., it will affect the efficiency of cooperation, and it is necessary to configure proper supporting equipment. Each piece of equipment must be coordinated in terms of material handling capacity, to avoid low efficiency.

5. The needs of users are objective factors

Since the processing output required by each user is different, the finer the particle size of the finished product required, the greater the test for the sand-making machine. In this way, the time of the whole sand-making process will be longer, and the corresponding difficulty will be higher, which will result in a decrease in the output of the sand-making machine.
The output of the sand-making machine decreases but the energy consumption per unit time does not decrease, which affects the progress of the entire project and increases the user’s production cost, which is not conducive to the user’s competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, both as a manufacturer and a user, we need to pay attention to the possible problems of the sand-making machine. If the output drops, we should analyze the reasons in time and find the root cause and solve it in time.

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