Which is more suitable for concrete river sand or machine-made sand

Date: May. 19, 2022

River sand and machine-made sand are both commonly used raw materials for the preparation of infrastructure concrete. Which one is more suitable for concrete preparation? Is it better to use river sand or machine-made sand for concrete? With the increasing number of construction projects, the amount of concrete is increasing, the demand for sand is also increasing, and in the face of the cost pressure caused by the rising price of natural sand, under the dual factors of limited resources and environmental protection, machine-made sand will be The main direction of the development of mixed soil engineering in the future.

River sand and machine-made sand

What are the characteristics of artificial sand compared with river sand?

1. Compared with river sand, machine-made sand has the characteristics of sharp edges and corners, many needle flakes, and roughness, which can be distinguished from the appearance.

2. The firmness of machine-made sand is slightly worse than that of river sand, but it meets relevant standards.

3. The content of machine-made sand and gravel powder is large. At present, the methods used are dry dust collection and wet water washing. The dry method is to use a dust collector, but this method is only suitable for the production of Class III. Water washing is the key technology for producing high-quality machine-made sand. But need to pay attention to water-saving and environmental protection.

4. General natural sand, one kind of fineness modulus, can have various gradations. The fineness modulus of machine-made sand can be controlled artificially through the production process, and the production can be organized according to user requirements, which is impossible for natural sand. arrived.

5. Machine-made sand has better adhesion, more compression resistance, and longer service life.

6. The mineral composition and chemical composition of machine-made sand are consistent with the raw materials and are not as complicated as natural sand.

River sand and machine-made sand

Which equipment is good for producing machine-made sand?

In the current market, many types of equipment can be used to produce artificial sand, such as roller sand making machines, compound sand making machines, VSI sand making machines, HVI sand making machines, and new mobile sand making machines. From the perspective of practical performance and economic cost, the HVI sand-making machine is relatively economical. The specific features of the device are described as follows:

1. High yield: With the design of a deep cavity impeller, the amount of sand passing through the crushing process can be increased by more than 35%.

2. Durable: All parts are made of durable steel, with meticulous workmanship, and the upper and lower sides of the surrounding guard plate can be turned around for use, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.

3. Low cost: the combined ejection port, if the ejection port is damaged, it does not need to be replaced entirely, only the damaged parts need to be replaced, which greatly reduces the use cost of the whole machine by about 40%.

4. Environmental protection: The sealed structure design is optimized, and it can be matched with multi-effect dust removal and noise reduction devices to eliminate the troubles caused by noise and dust to the operation and create a green and environmentally friendly sand-making environment.

River sand and machine-made sand

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