Common machine-made sand raw materials and production line processes

Date: Jun. 09, 2022

Many types of stones can be used to produce machine-made sand in the mining industry. There are more than 200 kinds of stones that can be used to produce machine-made sand. The following will introduce the common raw materials of machine-made sand and the process of the sand production line.

sand raw materials

What are the common types of machine-made sand raw materials?

1. River pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, iron ore, etc.

These kinds of stones are ideal building materials with a hard texture and can be used as raw materials for stone and sand in the machine-made sand production line. For example, machine-made sand made of basalt is mixed into concrete, which can reduce the weight of concrete, and also has the advantages of sound insulation, The role of heat insulation is a good sand and gravel aggregate for lightweight high-rise building concrete.

The machine-made sand produced from river pebbles is often used in road paving and house construction. The stone powder produced in the process of producing machine-made sand from granite and limestone can also be reused.

2. Sandstone, quartz sandstone, etc.

Sandstone is mainly composed of feldspar and quartz. It is a kind of sedimentary rock. It is composed of various rocks. It is a good raw material for machine-made sand in terms of grain shape and strength. The produced machine-made sand can reach or even be better than natural sand. It has the advantages of no weathering, no melting, sound absorption, moisture resistance, etc. It is also a good building decoration material.

3. Tailings, construction waste, coal gangue, etc.

These were originally industrial wastes, but after the sand-making process, these wastes are also “treasures”, especially construction waste. In recent years, construction waste sand making has become a very popular production project in the sand and gravel industry and has been sought after by a large number of users.

Crushed stones, concrete blocks and bricks, and tiles contained in construction waste can be crushed and made into new sand and gravel aggregates, which can then be used in the highway and construction industries. Using these industrial wastes to make sand can not only save energy Investment costs, obtain high profits, and also contribute to the recycling of waste.

sand raw materials

What are the processes of the machine-made sand production line?

The production process of machine-made sand includes feeding, conveying, crushing, sand making, screening, sand-washing, and other links. Sand-making machine-made sand, after screening, the machine-made sand that meets the particle size requirements is sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning to obtain clean-finished machine-made sand.

I believe that everyone is more interested in the process of a machine-made sand production line. Taking the river pebble as an example, I will introduce two production processes according to the production capacity of the machine-made sand production line:

1. River pebble sand production line with an output of more than 200 tons per hour

Configured sand-making equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and dust removal equipment, and other auxiliary equipment.

For hard materials, a jaw crusher and cone crusher is a high-efficiency combinations. Since the aggregate processed by the cone crusher contains a large number of needle flakes, an impact sand-making machine is configured.

The materials processed by the impact sand-making machine have a more uniform particle size and a good crushing effect. Coupled with the cleaning and impurity removal of the sand washing machine, the finished machine-made sand is cleaner and has a better market.

sand raw materials

2. River pebble sand production line with an output of fewer than 200 tons per hour

Configured sand-making equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, compound crusher/roller crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and dust removal equipment, and other auxiliary equipment.

The jaw crusher is used for the primary crusher. All materials with a feed particle size of less than 1200mm can be crushed. The jaw crusher can handle a wide range of materials, and the general ore can be crushed. The hourly output is between 1 and 2,000 tons. Users can choose according to their actual production process.

The compound crusher and the roller crusher are all small sand-making equipment. Their production output is small, the floor space is small, the production power is small, and the electricity is saved. They are suitable for small sand and gravel plants with a low output.

sand raw materials

With the increasing scarcity of river sand resources, machine-made sand will inevitably replace river sand. River sand is difficult to mine, machine-made sand is convenient to obtain materials, and the production process is scientific, which meets the requirements of sand used in the construction industry. Under the situation, the demand for machine-made sand has also increased, and its sales are getting better and better.

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