What are the advantages of environmentally friendly sand-making machines

As the main force for expanding molding sand sources, machine-made sand has ushered in a huge market. However, in the production process of traditional machine-made sand, huge noise and a large amount of dust and other harmful substances will be produced, which will seriously damage the environment. Environmental protection and low carbon will become the future development trend of the sand-making machine industry. So what are the advantages of the environmentally friendly sand-making machine?

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1. In terms of structure

The new environmentally-friendly sand-making machine has been optimally designed throughout the production process. In particular, the tightness of the nodes that cause dust pollution and leakage has been strengthened to reduce dust from the source diffusion.

2. Production

Compared with the traditional sand making machine, under the same power and operating environment, the sand and gravel output of the new environmentally-friendly sand-making machine can reach 1-2 times that of the ordinary sand-making equipment, and the operation is more stable.

 sand making machines

3. In terms of sand making effect

Most of the sand and gravel fines processed by the new environmentally-friendly sand-making machine are cubic, with uniform particle size, reasonable gradation, good impermeability, and slurry resistance, far more in line with the sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sand machines. Building requirements can improve the quality of the building.

4. In terms of service life

The important parts of the new environmental protection sand-making machine are made of materials with good wear resistance, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the equipment. Thereby reducing the number of replacement parts and reducing investment in equipment operating costs.

5. In terms of use time

The important parts of the new environmentally-friendly sand-making machine are all made of high-quality steel with sophisticated technology, which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

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It can be seen that the new environmentally-friendly sand making machine is far superior to the traditional sand making machine in terms of industrial demand and effect, and with the continuous emergence of similar environmentally friendly sand making equipment on the market, fierce peer competition will gradually make new The price of the first generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly sand making machines are more stable and common. Therefore, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly sand-making machine in the future market is definitely the correct investment choice for sand and gravel owners.

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