How to build a sand and gravel aggregate production line | Case study

The project design described in this article is based on the core concept of green mines. The mine stripped limestone, power plant solid waste gypsum powder, and fly ash is mainly used for comprehensive utilization. Environmentally friendly, safe, and high-quality crushing, shaping, screening, and control technology are selected. High-quality sand and gravel aggregates, building materials, and ready-mixed mortar, with an effective output of 600t/h per hour, and an average annual effective output of 1.8 million tons.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

1. Composition of sand and gravel aggregate system

The entire process production line from the raw materials entering the factory to the storage and delivery of finished products, including civil engineering, machinery, structure, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and automation control of the following subsystems.

1) Raw material transportation, raw material desilting.

2) Raw material crushing, shaping of semi-finished aggregates, screening of semi-finished aggregates, shaping of semi-finished products of machine-made sand, and screening of semi-finished products of machine-made sand.

3) Process dust suppression, dust removal, dust collection, powder control, and machine-made sand humidification and stirring.

4) Finished product transportation, finished product warehousing, finished product storage, and finished product automatic loading.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

2. Environmental protection, intelligent and high-quality aggregate production line characteristics

1) Overall production process: Desilting + crushing + precise shaping + dry dust removal + stone powder control + graded sand + sand and gravel at the same time

2) Main process equipment: multi-cylinder + ultra-fine sand making + shaping vertical shaft + screening + efficient dust removal + automatic loading

3) Overall layout structure: three-dimensional structure + compact layout, saving intensive land.

4) Overall technical positioning: green mine design + garden factory production + one-person one-key centralized control + convenient inspection and no dead ends.

5) Core control objectives: real-time, convenient, controllable, and adjustable grain shape, gradation, powder content, and variety.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

6) High-quality aggregate production, low void ratio control, reduce concrete cost and improve concrete performance.

7) The intelligent loading system is adopted, and the whole plant is discharged in an organized manner, without secondary pollution, and no sprinkling of materials in the plant area.

8) Dedicated high-efficiency centralized dust removal system, automatic control of air volume, automatic pipe dust removal, energy-saving, and high efficiency.

9) Dedicated software for fully automatic control and operation combined with intelligent and intensive technology of the variable frequency drive system to achieve efficient operation and low energy consumption.

10) The organized emission concentration of particulate matter is low index ≤10mg/m, and the ultra-low emission index ≤of 5mg/m is optional.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

11) Factory boundary noise control≤70dB

12) All links (crushing + screening + conveying + shaping + dust removal + loading + control) power consumption 2.63kWh/t

13) The whole process of three-dimensional design and the optimization of the depth of the space layout greatly reduce the various costs and maintenance of later installation and commissioning, saving time and efficiency.

14) Finite element software-assisted analysis and calculation to ensure that the design results ensure safe production to the greatest extent and make the best use of scientific and reasonable materials.

15) The in-depth integration of production process technology and structural assembly technology, the multi-dimensional setting of online monitoring and early warning systems, guarantees maximum installation, reliability, low failure rate, and high maintenance speed, which is the whole life cycle of the complete production line. More The refined economic and technical concept of effective production time.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

3.  Brief description of process flow

1) Transit operation: take uniformly (1000t/h) material (particle diameter <100mm) from the nearby limestone operation station, and transport it to the desilter screen through a belt conveyor for desilting operation.

2) Desilting operation: After the desilting screen is desilted by the vibrating screen group, two varieties are divided into the soil and rock powder, ore> 10mm, of which the soil and rock powder is conveyed to the mud bin (2000t) by the belt conveyor, and the limestone mud The material can be returned to the cement production line by a belt conveyor, and the ore >10mm is conveyed to the transfer warehouse (15000t) by the belt conveyor.

3) Fine crushing and shaping operation: the ore is conveyed to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor at the bottom of the silo, and the material is divided into two kinds of ore of 0-45mm and >45mm. The former directly enters the shaping machine for shaping, and then is conveyed to the vibrating screen of the screening building station through a belt; the latter directly enters the fine crushing cone for fine crushing operation, and the crushed material enters the second screen again by the belt conveyor and bucket lift.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

4) Finished product screening, sand making, and grading adjustment operations: After the shaped ore is transported to the bucket lift of the screening building station, it is transported from the bucket lift to the vibrating screen and divided into 5 products, which are 0-5mm and 5- 10mm, 10-21.5mm, 21.5-31.5mm,> 31.5mm.

5) Automatic loading operation: the finished aggregate in the finished product warehouse can be transported to the loading station by the belt conveyor at the bottom of the warehouse for automatic loading operation.

6) Dust collection operation: Dust will be generated during the production process. The dust generated by the 1# sieve group enters the dust collector and is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust fan after being purified by the dust collector. The dust concentration of the discharged gas is less than 10mg/m. Meet the national emission standards. The dust collected by the dust collector is wet-mixed by the wet mixer, and then conveyed to the desilting belt conveyor by the screw conveyor and sent to the mud bin.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

4. Host device

Vibrating screen, dust collector, and crusher (single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, aggregate shaping machine, vertical shaft impact crusher) ultra-fine crushing sand-making machine, grading control powder machine, wet mixer, pneumatic conveying system.

sand and gravel aggregate production line

The project will construct a dry-mixed mortar production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons at the same time, feed directly from the powder concentrator, and reserve the aggregate output interface of the commercial concrete station with an annual output of 300,000 m in the second phase and the transportation or transportation of the large-scale storage yard outside the plant. The interface of the belt conveyor for remote transportation. This article mainly introduces the details of the aggregate production line. The dry-mixed mortar production line will not be detailed here. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the dialog box for consultation.

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