Tips Of Sand Washing Machine

The sand washing machine is the sand washing equipment developed by using mature and reliable technology in combination with the actual situation of the sand and gravel industry. It has the characteristics of high sand cleaning degree, reasonable structure, large output, and small sand washing loss. It is a better choice for the industrial upgrading of sand washing machine equipment. So what is the working principle of the sand washer?

sand washing machine

The working principle of the sand washing machine is that the V-belt, reducer, and gear rotate through the power device, and then slowly drive the impeller to rotate. The sand and gravel enter the washing tank from the feeding trough and are driven by the impeller to roll and grind each other to remove impurities covering the surface of the gravel and destroy the water vapor layer covering the gravel to facilitate dehydration. Then add water to the sand washer to form a strong flow of water to wash away the foreign matter with smaller specific gravity, and directly discharge it from the flushing tank of the overflow outlet, and the washing process of the sand washer is completed.

sand  washing  machine

With the development of urbanization and infrastructure construction, the market demand for sand washing machines is increasing, and sand washers have become indispensable equipment in the sand production process. Compared with the traditional sand washing machine, the technically transformed sand washing machine has a good grain shape, low operating cost, and excellent performance, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution. Of course, everyone is concerned about the price of the sand washer. The price of the sand washer is determined by the manpower, material and financial resources invested by the sand washer manufacturer, so the price is also very different. The quotation of the sand washing machine will also change with the changes in market demand. When the market is in short supply, the price will naturally be higher. Therefore, the specific cost of the sand washer should be determined according to the price value of the sand washer itself and the manufacturer’s sales strategy, and the specific sand washer manufacturer should be consulted. Welcome everyone to consult our company.

sand washing machine

At present, sand washing machine equipment is widely used, mainly used in sand and gravel plants, the construction industry, and other fields to clean sand and gravel materials. Its performance is relatively stable and it is suitable for various harsh working environments. It is not enough for a sand-making plant to have only sand-making equipment. From big stones to finished sand, the sand directly produced by the sand-making machine still contains a lot of impurities, which cannot meet the standards of construction sand, resulting in low sales prices or unsatisfactory sales. may. This is a big loss for the sand-making plant, so it is very important to choose the right sand washing equipment.

The sand washer is suitable for cleaning, screening, and impurity removal in the sand, building materials, metallurgy, hydropower, and other industries. It increases the cleanliness of the sand washing and stone washing of the sand washing machine, ensuring the quality, and has achieved good results in the sand and stone industry. application. The types of sand washing machines are also divided into spiral sand washing machines, bucket wheel sand washing machines, vibrating sand washing machines, drum sand washing machines,and so on.

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