How Many Types of Sand Washer

Date: Aug. 08, 2020

The sand washer is a kind of necessary equipment for the sand washing production line. It can wash the mixed sand from sand making mechanism, remove trace stone powder and impurity, to improve the quality of sand. It has the advantages of washing height, reasonable structure, and large output.

Sand washing machines are widely used in sand and gravel fields, mines, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station, and other industries of material washing, grading, and dehydration. Because the appearance and principle of the sand washer are different, so there are the following categories:

1. Wheel Sand Washer

It is a piece of specialized equipment to clean the sand particle size under 8 mm. The bucket wheel drive bearings are isolated from water and materials buried in the washer, which can avoid the damage of bearing caused by water, sand, and pollutants. In the course of operation, there is little loss of fine sand and stone powder during operation. Impeller sand washing machine in addition to the screen is rarely damaged parts, it has a long service life, convenient maintenance.Wheel Sand Washer


2. Spiral Sand Washer

It is a kind of equipment that can be used to clean sand, stone, or grading. It is widely used for cleaning materials with high mud content. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large handling capacity, small power consumption, and high cleaning degree. Besides, screw sand washery has a fully enclosed oil bath type transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate, which ensures that the series products are featured by high efficiency, energy-saving, durability, good dehydration effect, and stability of fine grain products.

Spiral Sand Washer


3. Trommel Type Sand Washer

It is a kind of cleaning equipment that relies on a high-pressure water pump to flush sand and gravel. Its working process is generally divided into raw material storage, transport, cleaning, finished material transport, sewage precipitation reuse. Its high integrity is convenient for construction site storage or transfer transportation, high safety. It also has the characteristics of high production capacity, low operating cost, and low noise.

Trommel Type Sand Washer


4. Chain Bucket Type Sand Washer

It is a simple sand washing equipment, often used together with the roller sand washing machine. It has the advantages of a high cleaning degree, reasonable and simple structure, large output, less sand loss in the sand washing process, and low cost.

Chain Bucket Type Sand Washer


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