The Sand Washer Price in Sri Lanka

Date: Aug. 10, 2020

How much in the sand washing machine in Sri Lanka? Let me tell you some information.

Sand washer is used to wash and select all kinds of natural sand, machine-made sand, It is an indispensable tool in the sand and gravel aggregate production line, its quality determines the quality of finished sand.

The sand washing machine equipment on the market now has a large, medium, and small models that basically can meet the production needs of users. The price of the sand washing machine is affected by many factors, the following content summarizes several factors that affect the price of sand washing machine for your reference:

1. Processing Capacity of Sand Washer

The unique rotor design and bypass feeding system, which can effectively improve the production capacity and quality of the sand washing machine, but also can reduce the production cost of the sand washer and wear parts consumption, reduce equipment maintenance cost, so the corresponding sand washer price will be higher.

2. Different Sand and Gravel Materials

There are many types of machine-made sand materials. When choosing a sand washing machine, you should not just consider the cheap price, but choose the corresponding equipment according to the material nature and particle size of the sand. Only in this way can the sand washer run efficiently for a long time.

wheel sand washer

3. Structure and Working Principle of Sand Washer

There are many types of sand washing machines, the common ones are spiral sand washer, spiral sand washer, and multi-functional integrated sand washer. These three kinds of sand washing machines have different structures and working principles and different prices. But no matter what kind of structure of the sand washer, only scientific matching can make the sand washing machine play its maximum value.

4. Performance of Sand Washer

The good quality sand washer has an adjustable overflow weir plate and a fully enclosed transmission device so that the sand washing machine has the advantages of high efficiency and durability, and good cleaning and dewatering effects. Therefore, although the high-quality sand washing machine is expensive, the performance is also superior to the ordinary sand washing machine.

spiral sand washer

5. Type of Reducer and Motor

The gear and case of the reducer directly affect the use effect and service life of the sand washer. Choosing high-quality reducers and motors will provide strong power output and torque when the equipment is running. The design index of the reducer and motor should be greater than the limit output of the grinding wheel so that it can easily cope with extreme situations.

6. Manufacturer of Sand Washer

Different manufacturers have different factors, which lead to different sand washer price, such as design level, equipment structure, production process, materials used, quality control, heat treatment, etc. When you choose a product, you should choose a branded product, or go to the manufacturer for inspection and verification. Ensure that the equipment is of excellent quality and accurate selection.

multi-functional integrated sand washer

There are many factors that affect the sand washing machine price. It is recommended that users not only consider the price when purchasing but should consider many aspects. Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd hopes that you can purchase sand washing machines with suitable price and high quality.

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