Dewatering Screens Applied for Coal Slime

Date: Jul. 14, 2018

Dewatering screen can not only handle sand and gravel, but also can treat coal slime.It is also known as slime dewatering screen.

Due to the small size of slime particles, the surface area is increased and the water carrying capacity is strong. After detecting less than 200 mesh particles, the particles account for about 70% to 90%, and the particle size greatly different from the raw coal. This makes the slime have a higher water holding capacity. Therefore, a dewatering screen is needed for processing.

dewatering screen in coal slime

1.The sieving process strictly controls the particle size of under screen. In addition, under the action of the G-small amplitude oscillation of the sieve surface, the stratification by density, the density of G is small. The particles are easy to settle to the sieve surface and pass through the sieve, so the grade of the G sieve can be clearly improved.

2. It can be used to recover coal slime with particle size

3. The specially designed LZZG slime dewatering screen is an optimized equipment based on sand dewatering machines. Two sets of sieve plates are used in parallel. And adopts good materials. Therefore, it greatly increases the dewatering efficiency of coal and accelerates the market supply of coal.

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