Processing Of Production Failure Of Filter Press

The filter press is indispensable dewatering equipment for the sand and gravel production line. The wastewater is dehydrated and recycled, which is convenient for storage and transportation. save time and energy. But how to judge the cause of the failure of the filter press, and how to solve the failure of the filter press. This article gives the corresponding solutions for the reasons for the production failure of the filter press. Hope to help our customers.

filter press

Damage to the frame itself

Main Reason

1. The mud is too thick or there are dry blocks left, causing the blockage of the feeding port. There are no other substances between the filter plates and only the pressure existing in the hydraulic system itself. At this time, the plates themselves are extremely easy to be damaged due to prolonged pressure.

2. When the feed is insufficient or the feed contains inappropriate solid particles, it will also cause excessive force or damage to the frame itself.

3. If the outlet is blocked by solids or the feed valve or the discharge valve is closed when starting, the pressure will not leak anywhere, which will cause damage.

4. When the filter plate is not cleaned thoroughly, it may cause medium leakage. As long as the medium leaks, the edge of the plate frame will be impacted into small grooves. A large amount of medium leakage will cause the pressure to be unable to rise so that Mud cakes cannot be formed.


1. Carefully use a nylon cleaning scraper to remove the mud from the feed inlet.

2. After completing this cycle, reduce the volume of the filter plate.

3. Carefully check whether there is a problem with the filter cloth. Secondly, check whether the cleaning of the drain port is smooth, check whether the outlet is smooth, open the corresponding pressure valve to release the pressure.

4.Carefully clean and repair the filter plate.

filter press

Water seepage between plates and frames

Main Reason

1. Low hydraulic pressure.

2. There are wrinkles on the filter cloth or gaps on the filter cloth, once it is generated, replace the filter cloth in time.

3. There are unknown objects on the sealing surface that look like blocks.


Correspondingly increase the hydraulic pressure, replace the use of filter cloth, or use a nylon scraper to remove unknown lumps on the sealing surface.

filter press

The formed filter cake is not uniform or not formed into a filter cake

Main Reason

The feed size is too small, the concentration is too low, the feed is insufficient, or the outlet is blocked, etc., which causes uneven distribution of the filter cake and makes it difficult to form a filter cake.


Adjust the process of production workers, improve the supply of materials, increase or decrease the supply of materials, clean blockages, clean the supply holes, clean the drain holes, clean the filter cloth (or replace the filter cloth), increase the pressure or pump power, and start at low pressure. Constantly pressurize and so on.

filter press

The filter plate is slow or easy to fall off

Main Reason

Sometimes due to excessive oil and dirt on the guide rod, the filter plate will walk slowly, and may even fall off, which is very dangerous.


Clean up the oil and stains on the guide rod in time, and apply butter to ensure lubricity to avoid accidents. It is strictly forbidden to apply thin oil on the pole because the staff is easy to fall off and cause personal injury.

filter press

Insufficient flow of the hydraulic system

Main Reason

1.The oil pump does not drain oil.

2. The sequence valve setting pressure is too low or the valve core is stuck in the opening position.

3. The oil filter is clogged.

4. The oil level of the oil tank is too low and the oil pump sucks empty.

5. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is too high and it is difficult to absorb oil.

6. The parts in the pump are severely worn, the internal leakage is large, and the pressure and flow cannot reach the rated value.


1. Overhaul the oil pump.

2. Overhaul the sequence valve.

3. Clean the oil filter.

4. Replenish oil.

5. Change the oil or increase the oil temperature.

6. Repair or replace the oil pump.

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