Some Problems About Plate Frame Filter

Nowadays, many sludge plate-frame filter presses are already very mature filtration equipment in terms of technology and working principles, but also have some problems with filtration equipment of some filter press manufacturers, such as filter cake after filtration. It cannot fall off automatically and sticks to the filter cloth of the filter press. Why can’t the sludge in the plate-and-frame filter press automatically fall off? What causes this situation? Going to analyze the reasons.

Filter Press

Internal Cause

The foremost reason is that the plate-frame filter press is not compatible with the sludge properties of the dewatered sludge, which may be due to the fact that chemical conditioning does not improve the sludge properties or the chemical conditioning agent is not selected properly. Besides choosing a suitable agent, you can also add lime as a coagulant to improve the viscosity of the sludge.

Filter Press

External Cause

1. The pressure and filtration time of the sludge plate-and-frame filter is not accurate enough, so it is necessary to explore slowly and master certain rules. For example: what kind of material is suitable for what pressure and how long the filter time is required. Only by accurately mastering these data can be the filter cake be pressed well and the filter cake can be smoothly fallen off.

2.The problem of the filter cloth in a filter press, the material of the filter cloth is changed, and the size of the aperture above the filter cloth is changed, which will affect the formation and smooth shedding of the filter cake. We have to choose filter cloth with suitable material and suitable pore size according to the material.

3. As for the high and low requirement of the solids content of the filtered mud cake, compared with other types of dewatering filter presses, the solids content of the filter cake is relatively high, which can achieve 65% to 80% of the solids content of the filtered mud cake.

4. Selection of frame material for sludge plate-frame filter press.

5. The material of the filter plate and filter cloth of the sludge plate-frame filter press must have the benefit of corrosion resistance and have requirements on the tensile strength.

6. The plate-frame movement method, the hydraulic-pneumatic device can realize the fully automatic or semi-automatic mode, which can reduce the work intensity of the factory operators.

7. The filter cloth shock device can be fitted to the sludge plate frame filter press, which can assist the filter cake to fall off after filtration.

Some sludge plate-frame filter presses produced by filter press manufacturers have quality problems. There is a gap between the quality of the filter cloth of the filter press and the structure of the filter press. This is a problem that cannot be solved artificially, so the selection also depends on the quality of the manufacturer’s production.

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