Simple Mistakes In High-frequency Vibration Sand Dewatering Screen

In the sand and gravel production line, the screening quality of the high-frequency dewatering screen directly affects the quality of finished sand. What is the reason for the low screening quality of the high-frequency dehydration screen? Let’s find out the reason.

 Dewatering screen.

1. Blockages of sieve holes

The clogging of a sieve hole is a common cause of poor screening quality of the high-frequency dehydration screen. The recombination of a high-frequency vibrating screen should be alleviated, and the screen surface should be cleaned to solve the problem of sieve hole clogging.

2. Too much moisture in the material

There is a certain ratio requirement for the moisture of the materials entering the sieve. Excessive moisture will easily cause the materials to stick together and not easily pass through the screen surface. However, if you want to improve the screening effect when the moisture is too high, you can try to change the tilt angle of the screen box. If the tilt angle becomes larger, the screening quality will be improved accordingly.

3. Uneven feeding

Uneven feeding will not only cause material accumulation and material interruption but also reduce production efficiency. Excessive material accumulation can easily affect the quality of screening, and in severe cases, it will cause equipment operation failure. Therefore, the feeding speed of the screen should be appropriately adjusted to ensure uniform feeding.

4. The material layer on the screen is too thick

If the upper material layer is too thick, the material will not be fully screened during screening, and the screening efficiency will be greatly reduced, resulting in a decline in screening quality. The feed of the screen should be reduced.
Thick layer on sieve surface.

5. Loosing the driving belt

When the pulling force of the screen is not enough, the transmission belt is too loose, which easily reduces the screening effect. It is not conducive to the normal progress of screening operations and further affects the quality of screening. Here, the screen should be tightened and the drive belt should be tightened.

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