Daily Maintenance Of Belt Filter Press For Sale

A belt filter is a device for solid-liquid separation. It belongs to the mechanical dehydration equipment, characterized by low energy consumption, less dosage, high separation efficiency, high fixation content, and large treatment capacity. Correct operation of the belt filter press is an important factor to ensure the filter press and increase the service life.

Belt Filter Press

Daily maintenance rules of belt filter press for sale

1.The daily maintenance of the filter cloth considers the cleanliness of the filter cloth and considers the filter efficiency. The filter cloth must be cleaned once at the end of each work. The filter cloth shall be softened, and if damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced in time.

2.Check the sealing surface of the filter plate and remove the residue on the sealing surface to avoid slurry and fluid leakage during operation. Pay attention to protect the sealing surface, do not collision, placed when standing is good, can reduce deformation.

3.Keep the belt filter press and its surroundings clean. Remove the residual filter liquid and filter cake on the machine in time. Apply regular lubricating grease to the piston rod.

4.The insulation performance shall be measured for electrical appliances. For a failure, cut off the power supply first, and then repair or replace the elements.

5.The temperature of the filtered liquid is less than the rated temperature, generally < 100 ℃, which shall not be mixed with sundries and hard objects that can easily block the inlet port to avoid damage to the filter cloth.

6.After the work shall be placed timely and as soon as possible.

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