How to Know a Plate-frame Filter Press

Date: Sep. 17, 2020

As a mature dewatering equipment, filter press is widely used in the field of environmental protection and becomes important equipment for sewage sludge treatment.

Plate-frame Filter Press

Working Principle

The plate-and-frame filter press is used to the separation of solids and liquids. Compare to other solid-liquid separation equipment, the mud cake filtered by the filter press has a higher solid content and an excellent separation effect.

The basic principle of solid-liquid separation is that the blended liquid flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solid stays on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulates on the filter cloth to form a filter cake. The filtrate part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes a clear liquid without solids. With the process of filtration, the thickness of mud cake increases, and the filtration resistance increases. The longer the filtration time, the higher the separation efficiency. A specially designed filter cloth can intercept particles with a particle size of less than 1μm. Besides the superb separation effect and high solid content of mud cake, the filter press can also provide additional separation process. In the process of filtration, the filtered mud cake can be washed effectively, so that valuable substances can be recovered and high purity filter mud cake can be obtained.

Plate-frame Filter Press

Operating Specification

1. Check the filter plate, filter frame, and filter cloth for damage and folding before pressing and lubricate the moving parts.

2. When discharging slag, the filter frame, slurry inlet hole, filter plate, and filtrate outlet hole should be carefully cleaned.

3. The accuracy and reliability of the action of the feedback signal device of the automatic control system (such as proximity switch, electric contact, pressure meter) must be guaranteed. If there gets some problem, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

4. Maintaining the surface of the filter press cleans to prevent corrosion.

5. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly to check the quality and quantity of hydraulic oil and check the tightness of hydraulic components and connections.

Plate-frame Filter Press

6. The order in which the filter frame is arranged on the frame is: push stop plate, filter frame, filter plate, filter frame, pressure plate.

7. After the filter frame is arranged on the frame, the starting motor is needed to push the manual reversing valve to the pressing position.

8. When the specified pressure is reached, it will automatically stop and maintain the pressure, the hydraulic station motor will stop, and enter the pressure maintaining state.

9. After entering the pressure state, check the opening and closing statement of each pipeline, start the feed pump and slowly open the feed valve.

10. Loosen the filter plate and remove the filter cake. First, start the oil pump, put the manual reversing valve in the compression position, then release the lock mother to put the manual reversing valve in the middle position, stop for a few seconds, and finally put the manual reversing valve in the return position. After the compression plate is returned, stop the oil pump.

11. After the pressing plate is withdrawn, pull the filter plates (frames) one by one, and at the same time withdraw the filter cake, clean the filter cloth and filter plate, to keep the sealing surface of the filter plate clean.

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