Measures for Cracking of Circular Vibrating Screen

Date: Sep. 12, 2020

In the production of sand and gravel, do you often encounter the rupture and perforation of the screen of the vibrating screen? If you want to solve it and do not even know how to deal with it, you can only replace the screen with a new one. This not only delays the production schedule but also increases the maintenance cost.

Now, we will ask you a couple of tips to prevent the rupture and perforation of the vibrating screen.

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The structure of the circular vibrating screen

The Round vibrating screen is composed of 9 parts: frame, left screen frame, right screen frame, polyurethane supporting beam, screen mesh, ore powder collecting bucket on the screen, ore powder collecting bucket under the screen, vibrating motor, and electrical control screen.


Working principle of circular vibrating screen

The circular vibrating screen adopts the inner eccentric shaft as the exciting force and uses the motor to drive the eccentric shaft to rotate and make the spherical motion track so that the material can pass through the screen evenly and quickly to complete the screening work.

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Causes of Perforation and Rupture of the Screen Mesh of Circular Vibrating Sieve

1. Unreasonable design of screen reinforcement

There are 7 longitudinal narrow reinforcement bars and 6 longitudinal wide reinforcement bars on the screen. The rupture and perforation position of the screen is mainly in the position of 7 longitudinal narrow reinforcement bars. We concluded that the narrow reinforcement of the screen is narrower than the supporting beam and does not exactly match the supporting beam. It is possible to conclude that the support team can directly wear the mesh and cause the mesh to break and perforate.

2. Failure to replace worn support beams in time

When the support beam of the vibrating screen is worn, sharpening, deflection, and unevenness will occur, and the sharpened part is like a knife-edge. The analysis shows that when the vibrating screen vibrates at high frequency, the sharpened, deviated and uneven support beams will continuously impact, wear, and cut the ribs of the screen, causing the screen to rupture and perforate prematurely.

3. Feed quantity problem

In the production process, if there are phenomena such as unbalanced feeding, excessive feeding drop, and excessive feeding flow, the screen will be split and perforated. If the screen feed is uneven, it may cause undue force on the screen mesh. If the feed drop exceeds 300mm or the feed flow is too strong, its influence on the screen will be larger.

4. Unstable screen quality

The screen is comprised of polyurethane material and mass-produced by the mold casting process. Due to changes in the proportion of ingredients, fluctuations in forming temperature, differences in the quality of operators, etc., the quality of the screen may be unstable, resulting in a decrease in the abrasion resistance, flex resistance, and load-bearing capacity of the screen.

5. Improper installation of the screen

The screen is bolted and fixed by the bolts on the left and right sides of the screen frame. The screen is installed in the supporting beam, and the 13 reinforcement bars of the screen should be completely consistent with the 13 supporting beams. If the bolt extension length on the left and right sides of the screen is not adjusted properly when the screen is installed, the mesh reinforcement and the supporting beam will be misplaced, and the contact between the reinforcement and the supporting beam will be reduced, and the pressure on the screen will increase, which will lead to the rupture and perforation of the mesh and the narrow reinforcement.

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Measures to prevent the screen from breaking and perforating

1. Improve feeding conditions. Reduce the feeding gap, decrease feeding flow, and make feeding uniform.

2. Sign a quality assurance agreement with the manufacturer to ensure that the quality of the screen supply.

3. Improve the installation quality of the screen, so that the 13 reinforcing ribs on the screen completely coincide with the 13 supporting beams to ensure the supporting area of the screen.

4. Replace worn support beams in time.

5. When there is no new support beam to be replaced, laying waste bicycle tires between the screen and the worn support beam can reduce and avoid the wear of the screen by the sharp corners of the support beam. This emergency measure has extended the life of the screen by more than two months, greatly reducing the replacement cost of the screen.

For a long time, the rapid wear rate of the screen has caused serious troubles to many stone manufacturers. If this problem is not solved, frequent replacement and shutdown are required, which directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. Hope the above sharing can bring some help to your production.

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