What is the Price of the Artificial Sand Production Line

Date: Sep. 07, 2020

What factors affect the price of the sand washing production line? With the continuous reduction of natural sand resources, the market demand for artificial sand is increasing, which has brought greater attraction to the artificial sand market. More and more investors have invested and produce the artificial sand production line. So what is the price of an artificial sand production line? What factors affect?

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Nowadays, some capital has poured into the artificial sand industry. But for many users are in contact with this industry for the first time. The artificial sand market is very unpredictable. Why does the same artificial sand production line differ by hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands? So what factors are related to the price of the said production line in the market after the development of artificial sand? Why does the price of sand production lines with the same production capacity vary so much? LZZG will give you a detailed introduction below.

Factor 1: Different Models

If it produces 200 tons of sand, the price of the production line with different configuration schemes will be different. If you use a combination of jaw crusher and sand making machine, but there are at least three models of jaw crushers that can meet the output of 200 tons per hour on the market, and there are also models of sand making machines that can meet the output of 200 tons per hour. At least 3 types, although the equipment is the same, if the models are different, their capacity ranges will be different, and the prices will vary. Sand making machines with the same capacity are used on different occasions, and manufacturing materials may be different. For example, materials used in the cobblestone sand making the site should be more wear-resistant, while the general materials can be used when used in limestone and another medium hard stone.

Factor 2: Different Configurations

The price of the same sand production line is also different. If there are two options. Scheme one uses a combination of jaw crusher and g fine crusher and sand making machine, scheme two is designed with a combination of jaw crusher and counter-attack crusher and sand making machine, we can see that the two schemes are used for medium crushing The equipment configuration is different, their production cost is different, and the cost of the sand making production line is also different. The price difference is certain. Even if the two sand production lines look the same, the equipment configuration may not be the same at all.

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Factor 3: Different Manufacturers

Although we cannot directly observe the factor of manufacturers from the description and pictures, most users can feel the influence of manufacturers on the equipment quotation, because different manufacturers may design different configuration schemes. Once the manufacturers are different, the above three factors may undergo major changes. The price of the production line affected by this is not only a slight fluctuation but maybe the overthrow of reconstruction, and the impact is too wide to predict.

Factor 4: Different Materials

Although the sand making machine equipment of the above two schemes is the same sand making machine equipment, their production materials are different. The materials used in the equipment are related to the production efficiency, service life, and other substantive issues of the equipment. Of course, the more elaborate the sand making machine, the higher the production efficiency and the more durable the equipment, and the higher the cost of the sand making production line. In the actual purchase process, the sand making design schemes given by different manufacturers have their own merits, and the equipment suitable for the production line configuration is different, which has a great impact on the price.

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