Causes and Solutions of Blockage of Vibrating Screen

Date: Sep. 02, 2020

When sieving by vibrating screen, according to the nature of the material, various forms of screen hole blockage will occur. The Causes and solutions for the blockage of the sieve are as following.

vibrating screen

Because most of the material particles that need to be screened are irregular, there are many causes for blockage.

1. Contain a lot of particles close to the separation point.

2. The material has high water content.

3. Spherical particles or materials with multiple contact points for sieve holes.

4. Static electricity will occur.

5. The material contains fibrous materials.

6. There are too numerous flake particles.

7. The woven screen wire is thick.

8. Thicker screens, such as rubber screens, have unreasonable hole shape design, which does not achieve the upper and lower sides, causing the particles to jam.

vibrating screen

In order to effectively prevent screen clogging, the following solutions should be taken.

1. When the particle size of the material is finer, the mud content is large, and the sieving particle size is small, the water will play a key role in blocking the screen.

2. When the moisture in the material is more than 5%, if the material is dried unconditionally, the sieve surface and sieve hole should be selected.

3. When the moisture is more important than 8%, wet screening should be used. For materials with more flake particles, it is necessary in order to change the material crushing method and the particle size matching of different crushing methods.

4. Reasonable adjustment of the screen tension is an effective way to decrease the hole blocking of the screen. Reasonable tension makes the screen and the supporting beam produce a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of the hole blocking. Specific methods Yes, make the tension hook into a perpetual tension mechanism, that is, install a spring on the tension bolt. Anise, that is, install a spring on the tension bolt.

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