Problems of Circular Vibrating Screen

Date: Aug. 29, 2020

The circular vibrating screen is a part of the equipment of a sand and stone production line. If it has problems, it will directly affect the aggregate production efficiency. This paper summarizes some common faults and solutions of the round vibrating screen.

Circular Vibrating Screen

Problem 1. Bearing Rupture

Shaft rupture is a joint fault in using a circular vibrating screen, which will cause the vibrating spherical screen to stop working. Causes of shaft rupture are manifold and include the following.

(1) The brittle fracture of sieve caused by long-term use

The shaft is a kind of metal composite material, which will suffer a lot of torque in the process of application, the raw material inside the shaft will slowly appear the gap, but the part without the gap will slowly compromise and break in the effect of torsion distance.

(2) the material of the bearing is too weak

Another reason for bearing rupture is that if the material is weak, the comprehensive torsional strength of the bearing is weak, and finally, the bearing ductility is destroyed.

(3) Triangle belt support force is too large

If the support force is too big, it will ruin the bearing of ductility. Even if there is no ductile damage, there will be a broad increase in the work in the shaft which will eventually lead to the fatigue damage to the bearing.

Circular Vibrating Screen


Problem2. Rolling Bearing Temperature Is Too High

The elevated temperature of the rolling bearing will not cause damage immediately, but the long-term high temperature weather will shorten the service life of a rolling bearing. There are approximately two reasons for the excessive temperature.

(1) The working time is too long

Long-term work will inevitably cause a certain amount of heat, thus promoting the evaporation of grease, and the evaporation of grease will further cause friction rise, promote temperature rise.

(2) the grease is not sufficient.

Circular Vibrating Screen

Problem3. Transmission System Failure

If the transmission system fails, the machine will stop running, thus endangering production and manufacture.
The ordinary causes of transmission system failure are the ruin of flexible disk coupling shaft, disconnection of maintenance cylinder connecting screw and cracking of maintenance cylinder, destruction of the rolling bearing of belt disc seat bearing, and tear of a flat belt.

Daily use of circular vibration is of major importance and must be standardized because it affects the normal operation of the entire production process.

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