Screw Sand Washing Plant From China

Date: Aug. 22, 2020

Spiral sand washer is the most efficient equipment for cleaning sand and gravel. It has improved the screw sand washing plant from China in terms of technology, structure, and process.

screw sand washer

Working Principle

Spiral sand washing machine is mainly composed of a washing tank, a mortar pump, a motor, a cyclone, a linear vibrating screen, and a return box. When working, the motor leads the impeller to rotate through the V-belt, reducer, and gear after deceleration. The sand enters the cleaning tank and then rolls under the impeller to rub against each other to remove impurities covering the surface of the sand and destroy the coating. The moisture layer of sand grains facilitates dehydration.

Technical Advantages

1. Spiral sand washer dominates the market not only by productivity and stability. It also uses environmentally friendly and energy saving technology. During the production process, the noise is inaudible, and the pollution of the surrounding environment is also the lowest. The spiral sand washer has a unique structure, which has the characteristics of low consumption, high energy-saving, and high sand production.

2. The technical level of the screw sand washing plant far exceeds those on the market that uses traditional technology. LZZG spiral sand washing machine also has a team with rich technical experience to provide users with a full range of technical services.

spiral sand washer


Operation Considerations

1. When operating in the open air, pay attention to some details, such as the installation site, terrain, and the surrounding environment.
Just try to let the screw sand washing machine by rain and exposure to the sun, do a good job of protection work, improve the efficiency of spiral sand washer.

2. The operating level of the operator will influence the output of the sand washer. Therefore, before using the spiral sand washer, we must do a good job of staff training. Let the operator understand the working principle, performance characteristics, and various precautions of the spiral sand washer before operating the machine.

3. Let the sand washer run idling 1-2 hours before use, and it can work only after detecting no abnormalities.

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