How much is a quartz sand dewatering screen?

Date: Aug. 20, 2020

In the process of washing quartz sand in the machine-made sand production line, the dewatering screen can be used directly, because the quartz sand generally contains low mud content, Using a sand washing machine to clean the quartz sand not only consumes high energy but also has a poor effect. More importantly, the quartz sand dewatering screen has a lower investment cost than a sand washing machine. So what is the cost of the quartz sand dewatering screen? It depends on the machine’s own quality, manufacturer strength, market supply and demand, model parameters, etc. Specific prices are as follows.

dewatering screen

1. Mechanical Quality

Quality is one factor that determines the price of the quartz sand dewatering screen. We all know that high-quality machinery will be more attentive in the fields of material selection, technical input, workmanship details, etc., and investment energy and cost will be greater, so the price will also increase. At this time, it will also provide investment users with greater Benefits; on the contrary, if you buy inferior machinery, its application procedures will often fail, affecting the subsequent use of the machinery.

2. Manufacturer Strength

The production strength of quartz sand dewatering screen manufacturers is different, the strength of the manufacturer to provide the full type of machinery, good quality, the price of manufacturers will be more appropriate and transparent. Powerful manufacturers have mature technology, low manufacturing cost, and higher cost performance than small manufacturers.

dewatering screen

3. Market Supply and Demand

The change in market supply and demand will cause the price increase of the quartz sand dehydration screen. According to economic principles, when supply exceeds demand, manufacturers compress profits, so their prices fall; on the contrary, when supply exceeds demand, the price of machinery rises.

4. Model Parameters

There are various types of quartz sand dewatering sieve, and each series of machinery is divided into several models. The differences in machine weight, output, and manufacturing costs are inconsistent, and the prices will naturally be different.

Model Feed Size (mm) Capacity


Screen Panel


Screen Area


Power (kw) Weight (kg) Overall Size (mm)
TS0918 ≤10 10-20 900*1800 1.62 0.75*2 590 1890*1290*1080
TS0924 ≤10 10-20 900*2400 2.16 1.1*2 750 2480*1290*1220
TS1224 ≤10 20-40 1200*2400 2.88 2.2*2 1080 2480*1590*1430
TS1230 ≤10 20-40 1200*3000 3.6 2.2*2 1230 3080*1590*1500
TS1236 ≤10 20-40 1200*3600 4.32 3.0*2 1490 3680*1590*1500
TS1530 ≤10 30-60 1500*3000 4.5 3.0*2 1360 3080*1890*1440
TS1536 ≤10 30-60 1500*3600 5.4 3.0*2 2180 3680*1890*1450
TS1836 ≤10 60-80 1800*3600 6.48 5.5*2 3350 3720*2420*1930
TS1842 ≤10 60-80 1800*4200 7.56 5.5*2 3720 4370*2420*2100

The above being an introduction to the price of the quartz sand dewatering screen. When purchasing equipment, you must consider carefully, look for big brands, and choose better equipment.

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