Sand Washer Structure

Date: Aug. 20, 2020

What is the structure of the sand washer?

Sand washing machine is generally composed of a hydrocyclone separator, dewatering screen, impeller separator, reducer, vacuum pressure pump, cleaning box, backwater tank, motor, vibration motor, and other components.

sand washer structure

1. Impeller Separator

It is under a high cleaning degree, large processing capacity, low power consumption, and long service life. The impeller drive bearing the device of the sand washing recovery machine is isolated from water and water-receiving materials to avoid damage to the bearing caused by water, sand, and pollutants, and reduce the fault rate.

2. Vacuum Pump

It has a powerful pressure reduction, compact seal, the slurry is difficult to leak. The vacuum pressure pump is a wear-resistant and energy-saving type. It adopts good design theory and has the principle of a slight loss. The shape of flow parts and the flow state of slurry reaches the ideal result.a

3. Dewatering Screen

The screen has a self-cleaning performance, high screening rate, and long service life. The material of the sand washing machine screen is a polyurethane elastomer steel structural skeleton, which has the characteristics of large elastic modulus, good absorption impact, large tensile strength and wear resistance. Therefore, its bearing capacity is over 2.5 times that of a rubber screen. Its service life is 8-10 times higher than ordinary metal screen,3 times that of stainless steel screen, and 3.9 times that of natural rubber.

4. Vibration Motor

It is safe to design, excellent material selection, closed structure, can work under any dust without explosion-proof requirements. The exciting force of the vibration motor can be tailored by adjusting the angle of the eccentric block. The direction of the exciting force can be changed according to the installation method of the vibration motor, and various vibration forms can be synthesized by multiple units to complete numerous operating requirements.

5. Hydrocyclone Separator

The separation principle of the separator is centrifugal sedimentation. When the slurry to be separated enters from the periphery of the separator at a certain pressure, it moves downward along the wall of the separator because of the unique centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, and fluid drag force. The fine particles are rotated with the slurry thanks to the small centrifugal force.

No matter which part, it is an important aspect of the sand washing machine. Their quality determines the quality of a sand washer.

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