Silica Sand Manufacturing Process | Silica Sand Extraction

What is the silica sand manufacturing process or silica sand extraction? Silica sand is a very important industrial raw material and is widely used in glass, refractory, metallurgy, and other industries. Generally, the main mineral of natural silica sand is quartz, and other impurity minerals are often accompanied. The mixing of these impurities reduces the value of silica sand and affects the quality of the product.

Therefore, to meet the needs of industrial applications, it is usually necessary to remove impurities from silica sand. The following is a method for removing impurities from silica sand.

silica sand extraction

Silica Sand Extraction Process

Generally, the natural quartz sandstone ore is broken into small pieces by jaw crusher, then the grinding equipment is used for wet grinding, and the small quartz ore is ground into finer quartz sand. Then, the grinding product enters the grading operation, and the quartz sand which meets the particle size requirement can be used as the raw material quartz sand for the next stepping of removing and purifying quartz sand, and the coarse grain is returned to the grinding equipment for further grinding.

silica sand extraction

Removal and Purification of Silica Sand

1. Scrub Desliming

With the help of the mechanical force of the scrubber and the grinding force between the sand particles, the thin film iron and mud impurity minerals on the surface of the quartz sand are removed, and the unformed mineral aggregates are further scrubbed, and then the grading operation is carried out to further purify the silica sand.

2. Magnetic Process

Removal of magnetic minerals such as hematite, limonite, and biotite from raw materials utilizing a strong magnetic field of magnetic separator.

3. Spiral Chute Re-selection

The non-magnetic mineral impurities in quartz sand are separated by the double action of gravity and the centrifugal force of spiral chute.

4. Flotation Method

If there are many kinds of mica minerals in raw materials, It is impossible to remove impurities completely if only a spiral chute is used. At this time, the flotation process can be used to remove these impurity minerals.

5. Acid Washing

If the finished product sand is reddish after the removal and selection operation, it means that the iron and titanium content in the product does not meet the requirements of product quality. At this time, the pickling method can be used. First, wash off the powder and impurities with water, and then use soak in acid, then rinse again with water, and finally dry or air dry.silica sand extraction

The above is the silica sand extraction process. Impurity removal is carried out when the impurity minerals and quartzes minerals reach the state of monomer dissociation, almost all impurity minerals in the raw materials are removed, the purity of the quartz sand is greatly improved, and the corresponding silica sand concentrate products are obtained.

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