The River Sand Washing Method

River sand is mainly floodplain sedimentary sand, which is composed of medium-fine sand, medium-coarse sand, coarse sand, and gravel layer. Because newly mined river sand contains a lot of mud and impurities, it must be cleaned before it can be used.

The quality of the finished sand cleaned by the traditional river sand washing method is not good. With the current development of industrialization, the river sand washing equipment is updated faster, and the quality of the sand produced is gradually improved. There are several types of sand washing equipment:

river sand washing

Wheel Sand Washer

Wheel sand washing machine is a common sand washer, which is mainly used for washing and selection of sand and gravel materials in industries such as gravel yard, mining, transportation, chemical industry, and mixing station. The core structure of the equipment is composed of impellers. When cleaning river sand, the river sand enters the feed tank, rolls under the drive of the impeller and rubs against each other to remove impurities and mud in the river sand. In this way, clean and less impurity high quality river sand products can be obtained.

Main Features

1. The sealed structure, coupled with an enclosed rotating device and an adjustable overflow plate, can respond to the needs of environmentally friendly production.
2. Convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption, high cleaning degree.
3. The number of cleaning materials lost less, which can meet the demands of high quality materials.

Spiral Sand Washer

The spiral sand washer uses the blade propulsion to clean the soil on the surface of the sand and gravel material. Compared with the wheel sand washer, the cleaning degree is higher, but it uses more water than the wheel sand washing machine.

Main Features

1. The structure is sealed, with little abrasion and durability.
2. Stable operation, high output, and high cleanliness.
3. Less trouble and simple operation.

After being washed and processed by the sand washer, the ruined river sand is of excellent quality and high-quality, which can meet the high demand for production.

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