DS Series Multi-function Sand Washer

With the shortage and non-renewable of mining resources, LZZG blockbuster launched DS series new sand washing equipment. It is widely used for crushed sand, river sand, lake sand or sea sand washing, screening, recycling and dewatering.

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LZZG series introduced products to absorb foreign advanced technology, and designed combined with sand field actual situation. It can effectively reduce the loss amounts of fine material; solve problems of end product such as relatively high fineness modulus and relatively low stone powder content. The fine material can be recycled as high as 95%, with incomparable technical and economic advantages.

Product Data

Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Impeller Diameter (mm) Screen Panel (mm) Cyclone Specifications (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
DS40 20-40 760 1800X800 1200X2400 300X2 44.9 11900X5250X3880
DS60 30-60 920 2500X1200 1500X3000 300X2 51 14550X5560X4150
DS80 40-80 1120 3000X1600 1800X4200 300X4 95 16250X6200X3700
DS100 60-100 920X2 3000X1600 1800X4200 300X4 102.5 16250X6200X3700
DS150 100-150 1120X2 3600X2000 2400X4200 350X4 140.5 17450X6800X3700
DS200 120-200 1500X2 3600X2400 3000X4800 350X6 196 18000X7400X4600
DS250 160-250 1500X2 4200X3000 3600X6000 350X6 214 18580X8000X5200

Details Introduction

Modular wash plant as a piece of representative equipment that combines multiple washing, coarse and fine materials concentrated dewatering, fine sand recycling, and other functions in one equipment. It is applicable to sand and gravel plants, construction sites, hydropower dams, glass manufacturing, oil well development, and other industries. Compared with the washing and recycling machine, it has been greatly improved in performance.

img-mWorking principle
The qualified materials after classified by screening equipment flow into the screw sand washer through a chute or pipeline. Sand and gravel are fully separated from impurities and mud through the fully cleaned, soaked, and broken by screw mixer. Fine sand and muddy water are deposited in the tail of the sand screw, and the fine sand is recovered through a cyclone separator. Then the coarse and fine sand enters the wheel sand washer machine at the same time for secondary cleaning to achieve complete separation of sediment. The coarse sand is lifted onto the high-frequency dewatering sieve by the impeller of wheel sand washer, the overflow muddy water flows into the dewatering screen water tank and concentrated by cyclone separator, and is dehydrated by the vibration of the screen to finally realize the cleaning, recovery, dehydration and dry heap discharge of gravel.

1. Energy energy saving and environmental protection are the major themes of multi-functional sand washers. Functions include sand washing, fine sand recovery, dehydration and de-sludge, concentration, and classification, which can effectively remove sand impurities and obtain high-quality sandstone products with clean and low water content.
2. Multiple functions, reasonable structure, easy operation.

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