How to Solve Some Problems of Fines Recovery Unit

Usually, in the process of sand washing, there is a question of fine sand loss, resulting in economic losses of enterprises, fine sand production is less. The emergence of the fines recovery unit can well recover a large amount of fine sand lost by the sand washing machine in the traditional sand making industry, and solve the troubles of users, so it has been widely used.
This article has compiled 7 frequently asked questions about fines recovery unit for your reference.

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Q1: Should the fines recovery unit be used together with the sand washer?

In the sand production line, the fine sand recovery machine is mainly used after the sand washer (used in conjunction with the sand washer) to recover a large amount of fine sand lost by the sand washer in the traditional sand making industry (up to more than 20% when the loss is serious), while improving economic benefits, reducing the cost of tailing processing, and the pollution to the environment caused by the loss of fine sand.

Q2: What are the structure and function of the fines recovery unit?

The fine sand recovery machine is mainly composed of a washing tank, a mortar pump, a motor, a cyclone, a vibrating screen, and a return box. When utilized in a sand and gravel plant, its main function is to wash sand and separate sand, so it is also called a fine sand dehydrator, sand separator, and sand extractor. When used in a concentration, the main function tailing recovery, so it is also called a tailing recovery machine.

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Q3: What is the difference between the dehydrated fines recovery unit and the ordinary slender sand recycling machine?

The dewatering fines recovery unit has both the functions of dewatering and recycling. It performs secondary cleaning and dewatering operations on the finished sand washed, and performs fine sand recycling operations on the waste water discharged from the sand washing machine.

Dewatering operation area: it is composed of a vibrating motor and a dewatering screen. The finished sand of the sand washing machine directly enters the dewatering screen for secondary cleaning, classification, and dewatering.

Recycling operation area: it is composed of a vacuum high-pressure pump, motor, separator, return tank, and cleaning tank. The waste water is discharged from the sand washing machine (also called mud, sand-water mixture) enters the cleaning tank, and is transported to the separator through the vacuum high-pressure pump. The silt is separated and extracted to collect the fine sand. Fine sand enters the dewatering screen for dehydration through the sand settling nozzle, and other impurities pass through the overflow of the separator and enter the return tank for discharge.

Q4: What is the major difference between fines recovery  unit and the sand washing and recycling integrated machine?

In a word, the sand washing and recycling integrated machine is divided into sand washing and fine sand recycling, including two major parts: impeller sand washing machine and fine sand recycling machine(the machine can also be equipped with multi-layer dewatering screens according to sand production requirements), which is easy to distinguish.

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Q5: During use, what is the reason of the sudden decrease in the amount of recycling?

If the amount of fine sand recovery is significantly reduced or there is sand leakage, check whether the screen is corrupt or whether the bolts fixing the screen are loose. In this case, the solution is to amend the screen or tighten the bolt.
If the screen wear is serious, it will lead to the phenomenon of network break, resulting in the reduction of recovery efficiency. Therefore, the screen wear must be checked regularly and replaced in time after wear.

Q6: In addition to the fines recovery unit, what other methods can prevent the loss of fine sand?

You can also use multi-stage sedimentation tanks to settle, equip with dewatering screens, add chemical agents, configure sand washing and recovery machines for fine sand recovery. When you use sand washing and recycling integrated machine, there is no need to use the sand washing machine separately.

Q7: After a while, how to solve the vibration and noise in the frame of the fines recovery machine?

The vibration of the frame may be due to loose bolts on the connecting frame or loose bolts on the bearing seat. The exclusion method is to fasten the bolts and check carefully.
The noise may also be due to gear spacing changes, generally add enough grease, while adjusting gear reducer anchor bolts and fastening.
Besides, bearing damage and sieve plate sliding frame fracture will also produce noise. This time needs to replace the bearing or the screen carriage.

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