Vibrating Screen Amplitude Calculation And Factor

The vibrating screen is screening equipment that can be used for dry or wet screening. It is used in many industries. The amplitude of the vibrating screen is more important. It can affect the screening efficiency and output of the vibrating screen. The amplitude is large and the screening is faster. The amplitude is small and the screening is slower.

Vibrating screen amplitude calculation

1. How to calculate the amplitude of the vibrating screen?

The vibration frequency of the vibrating machine is determined by the speed of the vibrating motor. How to calculate the amplitude of vibrating machinery? Calculated by the following formula.
S = amplitude
M=Working torque of the vibration motor (when two motors are used, its sum)
W=The total weight of the vibration part of the body (including the weight of the vibration motor)

Vibrating screen amplitude calculation

When the vibrating screen cannot meet the requirements of the screening operation during operation, its amplitude can be adjusted.

1) If the vibration source is a vibration exciter, increase the weight of the eccentric block.

2) If it is a vibrating motor, the amplitude adjustment depends on the angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the lower grade shaft to change the size of the exciting force. When the angle is small, the exciting force becomes larger and the amplitude becomes larger. On the contrary, the angle becomes larger, the exciting force becomes smaller, and the amplitude becomes smaller.

3) For the shaft eccentric vibrator, the counterweight on the flywheel and the pulley can be increased or decreased to increase or decrease the amplitude of the vibrating screen. In addition, note that the adjustment amount of the vibration source (vibrator or vibration motor) on the vibrating screen must be the same, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.

Vibrating screen amplitude calculation

2. What factors affect the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen?

1) What is the amount of feed

The processing capacity of each type of vibrating screen is certain. In the course of use, prevent high-load operation, otherwise, it will cause the vibrating screen to reduce its amplitude, reduce the screening ability, and damage the vibrating screen.

2) Influence of exciting force

The exciting force of the vibrating screen is the main source of power for the vibrating screen, and it has a very important influence on the amplitude of the vibrating screen and even the entire screening operation. Generally, the stronger the exciting force, the greater the amplitude. When the exciting force is reduced, the amplitude will be reduced accordingly.

3) Type of vibrating screen

There are many types of vibrating screens, and the oscillation frequency, processing ability, and other parameters of each vibrating screen will be different. In general, the larger the type of vibrating screen, the larger the selected amplitude. The larger the amplitude, the more conducive to stratification.

The amplitude of the vibrating screen directly affects the screening capacity. If you want to know more about the calculation and influencing factors of vibrating screen amplitude, you can contact us.

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