Solving Fine Sand Loss Problem in Washing Aggregates

In the later stage of the silica sand manufacturing process line, in the sand with large mud content or sand-water mixture with large sand content, only the sand washing machine may not meet the final finished sand, and there is also a serious drawback of fine sand loss. To solve this problem, it needs a fine sand recovery system. This paper introduces four methods for your reference.

Fine Sand Recycle Machine

The fine sand recovery machine is a commonly used fine sand recovery equipment in washing aggregates. It has to be used with a sand washing machine to recover an enormous amount of fine sand lost by the sand washing machine in the traditional sand making industry (the loss can reach over 20%). At the same time of economic benefit, it reduces the disposal cost of tailings and the pollution and damage to the environment caused by the loss of fine sand.

When the sunny sand recovery machine is used in the sand and gravel factory, the primary function is washing sand and separating sediment, so it is also known as a fine sand dehydrator, sediment separator, and sediment extractor. When utilized in a concentrator, the major function is tailings recovery, so it is also called a tailings recovery machine.

fine sand recovery machine

Dewatering Type Fine Sand Recovery Machine

The dehydration type fine sand recovery machine is divided into two systems: dehydration and recovery. The dehydration part includes a dehydration screen and vibration motor. The recovery part includes a vacuum high-pressure pump, motor, high-pressure separator, return water tank, cleaning box.

Generally installed directly at the back of the sand washer, the sand washed by the sand washer can be cleaned twice, and the wastewater discharged by the sand washer can also be separated from the sand, which fully solves the shortcomings of the sand washer (such as a finished product) Large water content, large mud content, large dust, difficult to remove impurities) improving the quality of the finished product.

Dewatering Type Fine Sand Recovery Machine

Sand Washing & Recovery Machine

The structure of the sand washing and recycling integrated machine is composed of a high-pressure separator, a dewatering screen, an impeller separator, a reduced, a vacuum high-pressure pump, a cleaning tank, a high-position return tank, a motor, and a vibration motor. The foremost function is to wash sand and recover fine sand at the same time.

The sand-water mixture enters the cleaning tank, is separated by the impeller separator, and then enters the lower dewatering screen for dehydration treatment. The wastewater (containing a large amount of fine sand, mud, dust, and other impurities) overflowing from the cleaning tank is transported to the high-pressure separator by the vacuum high-pressure pump, and then the fine sand after centrifugation and classification is discharged into the upper layer of the dewatering screen through the sedimentation nozzle. Wastewater, mud, dust, impurities, etc. in the cleaning tank are discharged into the high-level return tank through the overflow of the high-pressure separator. The upper layer is done with coarse sand. The lower layer is finished with fine sand, or coarse, and fine sand is mixed.

Sand Washing & Recovery Machine

Sand Washing & Dewatering Machine

Sand washing and dehydration machines integrate the characteristics of two kinds of equipment: sand washing machine and dehydration screen. The main function is tantamount to wash sand with water, and further desliming, dehydration, and secondary cleaning.

The sand-water mixture enters the cleaning tank of the sand washer, is filtered and screened by the bucket screen, and then falls into the dewatering screen for dehydration treatment to remove a large amount of water in the sand.

 Sand washing & dewatering machine

Although the above types belong to the fine sand recovery system series, different systems have distinct functions. For example, the dehydration type fine sand recovery machine has both dehydration and fine sand recovery functions, and the sand washing and recovery integrated machine has both water washing sand and fine sand recovery function. Users can choose the most suitable equipment according to their production is required to ensure the best economic benefits.

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