How to Solve Screen Damage of Vibrating Screen

The screen is the main component of the vibrating screen, it in the production process directly with the screen medium contact, it can be different particle size of the material classification, it is the principal wearing part of the vibrating screen. The screen is damaged too fast is one of the universal problems of vibrating screen, so what are the reasons that lead to its shortened life? There are mainly clay accumulation, motor steering error, screen mesh, and screen frame do not correspond to tightly. Make a detailed understanding of the problem and the corresponding solutions.

vibrating screen

1. Clay Accumulation

If the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen is too weak to effectively overcome the viscous force of the clay, it will result in the accumulation of clay on the screen and destroy the screen quickly.


(1)Increase the vibration amplitude.

(2)Flush the screen and clay with sprayed water to reduce its viscosity, but this method is only suitable for situations where water is allowed.

(3)Adjust the screen of the sand discharge port so it inclines downward its angle, which is more favorable to the discharge of materials by gravity.

(4)replace the mesh number of the screen or adjust the flow rate of a single screen to make the material discharge smoothly.

vibrating screen

2. Motor Steering Error

When debugging the steering of the motor, the on-site operators usually think as long as the material is carried over, there will be no problems with sand discharge based on experience. However, this method is just suitable for single-axis vibrating screens or linear vibrating screens and is not suitable for translational elliptical vibrating screens. If the motor rotates incorrectly to the inside, the ejection angle is also 45° forward, but the material has the force of rolling backward. When the speed of the motor moving forward is too slow, the material stays on the screen too long to discharge the sand in time.


(1)When the screen box is running. Press the stop button of the electric control box. The vibrating screen will slowly stop. Observe the elliptical trajectory formed by the small dots on the side plate when the vibrating screen is running. If the track rolls in the sand outlet, it is the correct steering.

(2)Remove the vibrator shield and check whether the eccentric blocks are all rotated to the outside.

(3)Changing any two-phase lines in the power supply of the electronic control box, sprinkle some sand on the screen, the faster sand discharge speed is the correct direction.

 vibrating screen

3. The Screen Mesh is not Fitted Tightly to the Screen Frame

The rubber strip of the supporting screen is worn. The connection between the rubber strip and the screen is not tight.


Replacement of new rubber strips.

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