What is the difference between stone sand and river sand

To avoid the damage to the natural ecological environment caused by excessive river sand mining and protect the existing river sand resources, the use of machine-made sand is becoming more and more frequent. So what is the difference between making sand with stones and river sand? Is the investment in stone sand-making machines big? Let me introduce myself to you below.

stone sand and river sand

What is the difference between stone sand and river sand?

1. the formation conditions are different

Machine-made sand is the sand produced by machine crushing and sand-making, and river sand is formed by natural scouring and sedimentation. The raw materials and production equipment of machine-made sand are different, and the quality of the machine-made sand is different, and the river sand is formed for similar reasons, and the gradation hardness is not very different, so the high-quality machine-made sand can completely replace the river sand for construction aggregates middle.

stone sand and river sand

2. Different stock supply

River sand is a non-renewable energy source. Due to years of mining, river sand reserves are becoming less and less, supply is in short supply, and prices have skyrocketed; while machine-made sand is produced with sufficient raw materials, river pebbles, cobblestones, granite, construction waste, gravel tailings, gravel, etc. It can be used as raw material for the production of machine-made sand.

3. Different material properties

The material characteristics mainly refer to the firmness and durability of the stone. The firmness of the machine-made sand is worse than that of the river sand, but it can still reach the high-quality product index of the national standard, and it is no problem to use it in ordinary concrete. The quality requirements are high, admixtures can be added to the machine-made sand, and the crushing index and stone powder content of the concrete can be controlled at the same time.

stone sand and river sand

Is the investment in stone sand-making machines big?

After understanding the difference between machine-made sand and river sand, the stone sand making machine must be what most users want to know, so is the stone sand-making machine a big investment? This also depends on the actual choice of the user.

1. There are more than one type and model of stone sand-making machines. Different types of sand-making machines have different costs. The larger the model of the sand-making machine, the greater the output at that time, the higher the production cost, and the higher the equipment quotation.

stone sand and river sand

2. There are many manufacturers of stone sand-making machines in the market. Different manufacturers have different production materials and technical levels, which will also lead to different quotations for stone sand-making machines.

With the development of the ore industry, the quality of sand-making equipment and production technology has gradually improved, and stone sand making has become more and more common. Sand is very necessary.

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