Identify and improve the quality of machine-made sand

As for the machine-made sand on the market, the price and quality of the machine-made sand are quite different and uneven. How should we distinguish the quality of the machine-made sand? How do process and manufacture high-quality and high-quality machine-made sand?

machine-made sand

How do distinguish the quality of machine-made sand?

1. Identify the hardness of the sand and gravel

The quality of machine-made sand is all divided by its compressive strength. For example, the hardness standard of stone used in high-speed railways and highways is very strict, and the same is true for machine-made sand. The higher the hardness of the sand and gravel, the better the compressive strength, and the better the quality of the sand and gravel.

2. Judging by appearance

The key is to look at the surface shape of the machine-made sand, whether it has multiple edges, the overall shape is relatively round; the thickness is uniform, the gradation is continuous, the content of needle flakes is small; and whether there are other sundries in the finished product.

3. Judging by professional experimental tests

You can find a professional unit to test the liquidity and pressure resistance of the machine-made sand and distinguish the quality of the machine-made sand through professional data information.

machine-made sand

How to improve the quality of machine-made sand?

1. Control operation

As the direct implementers of construction projects, the professional and technical level of the operators themselves and the concept of quality control are closely related to the quality of machine-made sand. The operating staff of the production line should adjust the flow of the sand making equipment in time according to the needs of the production line, to avoid the equipment being shut down due to too many raw materials, or the materials being too broken in the sand making machine due to too little feeding, and the content of stone powder being too high. . To ensure high-quality machine-made sand, it is necessary to arrange professional training for on-site operators to improve their professional skills.

2. Selection of raw materials for machine-made sand

The use of raw materials is a key factor that directly affects the quality of machine-made sand. Due to the characteristics and structure of the raw materials, they reflect different characteristic factors with changes in the environment. In addition, not all raw materials can be used as raw materials for machine-made sand. The compressive strength of raw materials used to produce machine-made sand should not be lower than 80 MPa. In addition, in the selection of mining areas, try to avoid using too thick covering soil layer. , the interlayer mud content is more and the rock is layered into flakes and other mining areas with poor quality. If the material exposed to the rock layer is selected, if it is covered with soil layer or contains regolith, it should be cleaned in time.

machine-made sand

3. Selection of sand making equipment

The working principle, structure, commissioning, use, damage, and other aspects of the equipment interfere with the scope of use of the equipment, making the equipment have certain limitations. For example, the selection of crusher equipment is directly related to product quality issues. Carry out reasonable and effective operation of the equipment to ensure high efficiency and normal operation of the equipment and avoid product quality problems.

4. The influence of process technology

The process methods of sand making are mainly divided into dry sand making and wet sand making. The choice of process method will also have an impact on the quality of the finished sand. It is difficult to control the water content in the finished sand by using the wet production process. Therefore, it can be seen that under different conditions of the choice of process method, the corresponding technical process should be used reasonably. Take precautions to prevent quality problems.

In addition, producing high-quality artificial sand also requires regular maintenance and repair of equipment, and regular maintenance and repair of crushing equipment to ensure its normal operation. Train operators to improve their skill level and quality awareness, ensuring the production of high-quality mechanism sand.

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