The LZZG Product Gravity Thickener Sizing

The main principle of the gravity thickener sizing is gravity dehydration, which is a section of the area where the sludge entering the feed hopper is supported by the filter cloth. This area consists of two parts: one part is the sludge thickening section, and the other part is the front section of the pressing section. During this process, the water in the sludge seeps out through the filter cloth by gravity, and the exudate is collected and recovered by the waiting water tray.

gravity thickener sizing

1. High-quality filter cloth

This product adopts an adaptive rake distributor, a turning device, and a filter cloth arrangement with an inclined angle. The height of the sludge distribution can be adjusted. The rake distributor and the filter belt are in soft contact, which can prevent accidental damage to the filter belt. When these measures are selected, the feed distribution is uniform, the water seepage is rapid, and the efficiency of gravity dehydration is improved. In addition, an adjustable leakage sealing strip is installed in this area. The contact between the sealing strip and the filter belt is made of polyurethane material and has a certain width of the skirt, which not only ensures the sealing effect but also does not affect the filter belt. wear and tear occur. To ensure the dehydration effect of the gravity dehydration section, the effective dehydration length of the concentration section is greater than 2.1 meters, and the effective gravity dehydration length of the filter press section is greater than 4.5 meters, which can fully guarantee the dehydration effect of the gravity dehydration section.

gravity thickener sizing

2. Reasonable mud feeding device

The mud medicine mixing device absorbs some tiny air bubbles in the air flotation mud discharge, which will affect the reaction effect of the mud medicine. Our company uses a professional frame-type flocculation mixer for the mud and medicine mixing device so that the air bubbles contained in the mud water can be effectively combed out so that the mud mass can be held more tightly, maximize the efficiency of the medicine, and reduce the consumption of the medicine. Our company adopts ascending and counter-flow mud feeding, the width of the mud feeding weir is up to 750mm, the mud feeding thickness is uniform, the flow state is good, there is no impact on the filter belt, and the secondary crushing of mud mass is effectively prevented. At the same time, the mud-feeding cardboard and the material limiting device are installed to guide and level the mud, which basically ensures that the filter belt on the mud sees water, and there is no mud layer deviation and uneven thickness.

3. Automatic inductive tape correction method

Rectification is the key part of a belt conveyor operation. This model adopts the rectification method of induction switch and solenoid valve, thus overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional mechanical rectification method, which is easy to be stuck, easy to escape, and leak. The deviation correction device has high sensitivity and can detect the precise value of the position of the filter belt.

4. Efficient transmission system and speed control system

Reducer: Compared with the traditional cycloid reducer, this form of reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption (2.2+0.75KW), low operating noise, good reliability, and a beautiful appearance.

Frequency conversion speed regulation: The filter belt speed of this model adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. Through the operation panel, the operation of the equipment can be automatically adjusted according to the actual needs. The whole set of equipment has higher technical content and saves energy consumption.

Bearings: Wafangdian cylindrical roller bearings are used, with long life and high load resistance.

gravity thickener sizing

5. The system of sludge dewatering machine is equipped with perfect protection function

Overload protection, alarm, and stop of the motor of each equipment of the dehydration system. When the filter belt is broken, it stops and alarms; the pressure of the compressed air is too low. Alarm and delayed shutdown when the flocculant level is too low. There are emergency stop switches on both sides of the dehydrator. At the same time, set the relevant self-locking program. If the air compressor is not turned on, the host and related equipment cannot be turned on.

6. Perfect look

The whole machine has a beautiful appearance and high processing precision. The stainless steel parts such as the frame of the concentration section, the water pan, and the spray cover are all using the most advanced laser cutting technology, with high precision and a smooth cutting surface. This machine is equipped with a high protection level and transparent air source box, which not only has a good appearance but also facilitates the operator to observe and adjust the source processing device.

gravity thickener sizing

7. Reasonable design

The structure design is user-friendly, which is convenient for daily operation and maintenance. It is combined in a vertical dehydrator. The machine has a compact structure, a reduced operating height, and is easy to use and maintain. Usually, the operator only needs to stand on the flat ground to observe the flocculation of the sludge entering the thickening section, and there is no need to climb up and down. It is more convenient to replace the filter belts and bearings in the future. The fixing of the flushing water pipe adopts a rotary card type, which can be disassembled and fixed with only one advance and one rotation, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of the water pipe by individuals.

8. Less flushing water, efficient and convenient flushing device

The flushing of the equipment adopts the flushing method of the boring section and the special powerful V-shaped fan nozzle, which has a good flushing effect and low flushing water consumption. The entire flushing pipe is independently supplied with water on both sides, and the overall flushing pressure is balanced. Each flushing pipe network is equipped with a regulating valve, which can be circulated at a single point, and each point is flushed at the same time. At the same time, the amount of flushing water at each point can be automatically adjusted according to needs. It really reduces the amount of flushing water, and the flushing water consumption is equivalent to 70% to 80% of the traditional filter press.

gravity thickener sizing

9. Low-cost operation

The overall operating cost is low. The advanced deviation correction method is adopted to ensure the service life of the filter belt, reduce air leakage, and reduce the operating cost of the air compressor. The fully automatic method and the reasonable and reliable backwash method are adopted, and the flushing water consumption is only that of the traditional filter press. Due to the reasonable design of the equipment itself, the large filtering area of the concentration section, and the filter press section, the sludge treatment efficiency is high, and the moisture content of the sludge is high. Low, the dosage of flocculant is relatively economical.

The technical department of our company gives a reasonable processing plan and technical parameters through reasonable calculation, combined with the actual test data of many cases of the company, combined with the original data of each project. If you have any technical questions, please contact us.

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