What are the problems with the vibrating screen

In production, a vibrating screen will appear a variety of problems affecting screening quality. The article summarizes several common problems for reference.

vibrating screen

1. Poor Screening Quality

(1) Screen hole blocked

When the mud content and water content in the input material are high, the material will stick to the screen holes and block the screen holes. The screen holes should be cleaned first, and then the adjustment of the amount of water spray and screen inclination.

(2) Screen wear is serious

When the screen is used for a long time, it will cause serious wear of the screen hole, which has a serious impact on the screening effect. The worn screen holes should be repaired, and when the wear is serious, we should replace the screen.

(3) Uneven feeding of sieve

When the feeding trough of the sieve is too narrow, the material will not be evenly distributed along the entire screen surface, so that the screen surface cannot be effectively used, which will affect the screening effect. The width of the feeding trough should be adjusted to make the feeding of the screen uniform.

(4) The material on the screen is too thick

The increase of the feed rate, the blockage of the screen hole, and the small inclination of the screen surface may cause the excessive thickness of the material on the screen. It should be adjusted according to the specific situation.

2. The Parts of the Screen are Severely Worn or Damaged

Some parts of the sieve will be severely worn or even broken after being used for a long time. The common faults are tube beam fracture, beam fracture, sieve frame fracture. In case of such problems, you should regularly check and update the parts of the screen.

vibrating screen

3. Bearing Overheating

(1) The bearing radial clearance is too small

Because the bearing on the vibrating screen carries a large load, a high frequency, and the load is always changing, the bearing must adopt a large clearance. If the bearing is a normal clearance, the outer ring of the bearing must be ground again to make it a large clearance.

(2) The bearing gland is too tight

There must be a certain gap between the gland and the outer ring of the bearing to ensure normal heat dissipation and certain axial movement of the bearing. The gasket can adjust the gap between the end cover and the bearing seat.

(3) Problem with bearing oil

The bearing lack of oil or too much oil, oil pollution or inconsistent oil will cause overheating of the bearing. The bearings need to be oiled, cleaned, replaced and sealed to check for oil quality and oil injection.

4. Abnormal Sound While the Sieve is Running

The possible reasons for the abnormal sound when the screen is running are spring damage, bearing wear, loose bolts that fix the bearing, and the screen is not tightened. If you find the above problems, you should deal with them in time, replace the damaged equipment, and adjust the defective parts.

vibrating screen

5. The Technical Index of the Sieve Running does not Meet the Requirements

The technical indexes of screen operation includes speed, vibration force, amplitude-frequency. Here are some common questions.

(1) The sieve cannot be started, or the amplitude is too small

First, consider whether there is an electrical fault. Damage to the motor, insufficient voltage, etc. can cause failures. If there is no electrical problem, check the mechanical problem and see if the material on the screen surface is heavily accumulated. If so, remove it in time.

(2) Sieve speed is not enough

Insufficient speed may be an electrical reason, or it may be caused by too loose transmission tape.

(3) The vibration of the sieve is weak

The weak vibration force may be due to the incorrect or too lightweight on the flywheel. At this time, This situation should adjust the weight on the flywheel.

(4) Sieve four-point amplitude inconsistency

The four-point amplitude discrepancy of the sieve may be due to two vibration exciters on the same axis working out of sync, or it may be due to material segregation. When this happens, adjust and correct in time.

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