The Difference Between Screen And Vibrating Screen

Both trommel and vibrating screen are screening equipment, but they are quite different. This article analyzes the difference between trommels screen and vibrating screen of some aspects.

1. Different Screening Methods

During the screening process, the trommels screen will not vibrate. The motor and reducer drive the drum to rotate through the bearing. The material in the drum passes through the screen from high to low for the rotation of the drum, and it is successfully screened out and belongs to roller screen.

Vibrating screen is the use of vibration motor generated by the exciting force for screening. The commonly used vibrating screen for mine is circle vibrating screen and straight line screen.

2. Different Appearance and Structure

Trommels screen : It is a cylinder. The outside of the cylinder uses a screen to increase the screening specification. The volume is large, and it mainly makes up of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a screen, a frame, a sealing cover, and an inlet and outlet.

Vibrating screen: It is mainly composed of a screen box, screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, motor base, damping spring, bracket, etc. The vibrating screen can be divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen according to the movement track of materials.

Linear vibrating screen: two vibrating motors are installed at the bottom of the equipment, which can be structured in several layers.

Circular vibrating screen: also known as a single-shaft vibrating screen. Its support methods include suspension support and seat support.


3. Different Working Principles

Trommels screen : The drum device is installed on the rack at an angle. The motor is related to the roller device through the reducer through a coupling and drives the roller device to rotate around its axis. When the material enters the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled. Qualified materials are discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, the unqualified materials are discharged through the discharge port at the end of the drum.

Linear vibrating screen: using a vibration motor as the source of vibration, the material is thrown up on the screen while moving ahead in a straight-line. The material enters the inlet of the screen evenly from the feeder and generates data through the multi-layer screen. Oversize and undersize items of various specifications are discharged from their respective outlets.

Circle vibrating screen: the screen surface is fixed on the screen box, the screen box is suspended or supported by spring, and the bearing of the spindle is installed on the screen box, which is driven by the belt wheel and rotates at high speed. The eccentric weight distribution plate is installed on the spindle, and the centrifugal inertia force is produced by the rotation of the spindle, which makes the sieve box from the vibration of the approximately circular track.

trommels screen

4. Different Classifications

Both can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer vibrating screens according to the number of screen layers.

Drum screen: According to whether the motor is connected to the bearing, it can be divided into shaft drum screen and shiftless drum screen.

Vibrating screen: According to the different trajectories of the screen surface, it can be separated into a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen.

5. Different Production and Applications

The drum screen has a large output and long service life, which are suitable for large output requirements.

The circular vibrating screen has a larger output, which is suitable for medium and large production lines.

The linear vibrating screen has a small output and is appropriate for screening fine materials.

vibrating screen

6. Different Screening Materials

The trommels screen have a better screening effect for dust and small particles.

The vibration of the vibrating screen is strong, and it is not easy to block the holes when sieving dry materials, and the screening effect is better for materials with many sieving stone, large stone, and high viscosity.

7. Different Screening Accuracy

The trommels screen is a high-output screening equipment, and the screening accuracy is not as high as that of a vibrating screen.

The vibrating screen is a piece of screening equipment with a vibrating motor as the vibration source, so the screening accuracy is superior.

The vibrating screen and the trommels screen have their working principles and screening methods. We should select suitable screening machinery according to the different characteristics of material and site to achieve an excellent screening effect.

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