Features and Daily Inspection of Stone Washing Machine

The stone washing machine is sand washing equipment specially used to clean stone. In the production process of artificial sand, sand washing equipment is usually used in the finishing process to clean the material and clean the dirt and other impurities wrapped around the simulated sand. So what are the characteristics of the stone washing machine and how to conduct daily inspections? we have introduced some information for your reference.

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Features of Stone Washing Machine

1. High efficiency and energy saving

Using stone sand washer equipment to clean artificial sand can save manpower and improve cleanliness to a certain extent. Cleaned sewage can be recycled. Relatively, the water used by the sand washing machine is relatively economical, and the waste of fine sand and stone powder is relatively small. The cleaned sand and gravel can fully meet the standards of construction sand.

2. Full use of natural resources

While ensuring the quality of imitation sand, the sand washing machine can also increase the amount of sand washing and reduce the cost of sand making. Stone sand washing machine can wash the discarded pebbles, limestone, and other stone materials in the river which better protects the natural sand and stone resources so that the natural sand and stone resources can be better utilized.

3. Simple structure

The impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and materials, preventing damage to the bearing by water, sand, and pollutants, and reducing the probability of failure of the sand washing machine. The sand washing machine is too complicated to be damaged as a whole, and it is relatively strong. Only the screen of the whole machine is easily destroyed, and other parts will hardly fail. Therefore, the service life of the sand washing machine is relatively long, the workload is relatively large, and the power consumption is relatively unimportant.

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Daily Inspection of Stone Washing Machine

1. Check whether there are residual impurities in the equipment wheel bucket, discharge port, water storage tank, etc. Remove them immediately, make sure that passing each component is unblocked and clean.

2. Check the firmness of the equipment connection anchors bolts, take firm measures for the loose bolts, and guarantee the stability of the connection of the equipment components, especially the fastening degree of the screw.

3. The oil quantity of the reducer should be checked in time during operation, and the gear transmission of the equipment should be kept in good gear to assure that the gear transmission belt is free from wear and damage.

4. Equipment feeding should ensure continuous symmetry, not too much or too little, thus reducing the cleaning effect of materials.

5. Make sure that the rotary bearings and reducers have sufficient and clean lubricating oil, that suitable lubricating oil is added, that the lubricating oil of the reducer is replaced on time after one month of use. The replacement process ensures that the equipment bearings and pipes are clean and that the lubricating oil is not contaminated.

6. The sand washer should be cleaned in time after used to prevent pipe blockage.

7. Regularly observe the internal wear and tear of the sand washer. If found that the wear of parts affects the operation of production, it must be repaired or replaced in time.

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The overall functions of the stone sand washer are the same. However, there are many types of stone washing machines (such as wheel sand washer, sand screw for sale, trommel type sand washer). Different types and models of stone washing machines have their unique advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the right sand washing machine according to your need.

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