Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Cyclones

In the production process of the hydrocyclone, the factors that affect its working efficiency mainly include two aspects: material feeding parameters and overflow and grit discharge methods. If you want to maintain the stable and efficient operation of the equipment, you need to be familiar with the reasonable operation skills of the two aspects of the hydrocyclone. In daily production, keeping the process operating parameters within a reasonable range can effectively ensure the stability of the hydrocyclone. run.

Specific factors that affect the working efficiency of the cyclone

 the cyclone

1. Pressure and materials for mine

The feed pressure set by the equipment mainly affects the processing capacity and grading particle size of the hydrocyclone. When the feed pressure increases, the slurry flow rate will increase, the viscosity effect will decrease, and the hydrocyclone classification effect will be improved. When processing coarse-grained materials, most concentrators use 49-98KPa low pressure. When processing fine-grained and muddy materials, they use 98-294KPa high pressure.

The concentration and particle size composition of the feed mineral material will directly affect the concentration and particle size of the final product. The coarser the graded particle size, the more mud or fine-grained grades in the graded materials, and the higher the feed concentration, and the greater the viscosity of the slurry. , The coarser the granularity of the overflow product.

 the cyclone

2. The discharge method of overflow and sedimentation

The ideal working state of the hydrocyclone when it is working, the material should be self-settled and sprayed out in an umbrella shape, and the angle of the umbrella surface should not be too large so that it can just spread out. When the hydrocyclone is used for concentration operation, the concentration of the sediment is higher when it is discharged in a rope shape. When the hydrocyclone is used for dehydration, the sediment is discharged in a larger umbrella shape, and the overflow contains fewer solids.

The above are the two main factors that affect the efficiency of the hydrocyclone. Hydrocyclones are affected by many aspects of production. When the working efficiency of the equipment drops, we should make a specific analysis according to the specific situation. Only by considering the overall situation and working closely together can we obtain the ideal working efficiency. If you encounter a problem that is difficult to solve in the use of the equipment, please call us and we will design a reasonable solution for you!

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