How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Sand Washer

Date: Mar. 05, 2021

The sand washing machine is a kind of sand washing equipment (artificial sand, natural sand). Its main function is to remove impurities in sand products. It has a strong processing ability and high cleanliness in mechanical sand making. It is the sand making in my country. The main industrial equipment will affect the efficiency of the sand washing machine after long-term use, so it is necessary to maintain the sand washing machine regularly. To improve the efficiency of the sand washing machine, the following measures should be taken.

sand washer

1. Pay attention to the installation of a sand washing machine

When the sand washing machine arrives, check whether all parts are intact, confirm that the machine is in good condition, and install it. We need to let the sand washer run without load first. During the operation, the technicians need to continuously add lubricating oil to the sand washer, and then check whether there is a phenomenon of weak connection points, and then let the sand washer run under load. After 8 to 12 hours there are no problems before the official operation.

2. Check before starting

Before starting the machine, check the sundries in the drain hole and the drain hole, and clean it in time to avoid blockage of the drain hole. During installation, the sand washer needs to be installed on a solid concrete foundation according to the design foundation drawings to ensure the stable installation of the sand washer, and no problems will occur during operation.

3. Clean the sand washing machine in time

After long-term use of the sand washer, its pipes are likely to be blocked, so we should develop the habit of cleaning in time after using the sand washer.

4. Regular lubrication

The parts of the sand washer need to be lubricated regularly and do not use inferior lubricating oil.

sand washer

5. Rust prevention and rust removal

The sand washer works in an outdoor environment, and the sand washer is required to perform anti-rust work in time after use. If the sand washer is exposed to water for a long time and does not deal with it in time, it will cause the equipment parts to rust and slow down.

6. Regularly check and maintain the sand washing machine

There are many wearable parts inside the sand washer, so we need to check the inside of the sand washer every two months, and the parts with serious wear need to be replaced in time. If you find the belt is damaged, please replace it in time. If there is oil on the belt, wipe it with a cloth. The sand washer equipment needs regular maintenance and inspection. If there is a problem, it must be repaired in time, otherwise, various problems will occur and the production efficiency of the sand washer will be reduced.

This article introduces measures to increase the efficiency of the sand washer. During the long-term operation of the sand washer, various wear or failures will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively reduce the failure rate and unnecessary maintenance costs of the sand washer.

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