Features Of Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Date: Mar. 10, 2021

A spiral sand washing machine, also known as a sand washing machine, is a kind of mechanical equipment for cleaning artificial sand and natural sand. It has a good sand washing effect, can remove the surface impurities of sand and gravel, destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand, and achieve dehydration.

Spiral sand washer

Features of spiral sand washing machine

1. Spiral sand washing machine is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving sand making equipment, with stable structure, low power consumption, high cleanliness, good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device, high efficiency and durability, adjustable weir plate, stable structure, and product quality High characteristics, work efficiency is 50% higher than traditional sand making machine, suitable for manufacturing abrasives.

2.Spiral sand washing machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for metallurgy, building materials, hydropower, and other industries. It can clean, classify, remove and wash construction sand, road sand, gravel sandstone.

Spiral sand washer

Precautions for using the spiral sand washing machine

1. Spiral sand washer manufacturers will install, adjust and assemble the sand washer, and only arrange the products to leave the factory after the empty machine test results are qualified.

2. After receiving the spiral sand washer, the user should carefully check the appearance and structure of the spiral sand washer. If the equipment fails during transportation, it should communicate with the manufacturer in time.

3. The user should pay attention to the torque of the spiral sand washer during installation, adjustment, and operation. The editor here recommends that you install embedded welding parts on the concrete base.

4. The user should refer to the manufacturer’s manual to install the spiral sand washer and calculate the depth and area of the concrete foundation according to the soil conditions.

5. After the installation of the spiral sand washing machine is completed, the relevant personnel should also check whether the gear of the reducer is displaced and whether the gap between the water tank and the barrel is consistent.

6.Lubricating oil should be added to the spiral sand washer for maintenance. The relevant personnel should adjust the oil level regularly, generally 50% below the shaft center.

Spiral sand washer

Trial operation standard of spiral sand washing machine

After the installation and commissioning of the spiral sand washer are completed, the relevant personnel need to test run it. The following are the standard requirements for the test run:

1. The spiral sand washing machine can run continuously for 2 hours without abnormality.

2. The components of the spiral sand washer are firm and not loose, and the structure is stable.

3. The speed reducer and gearbox of the spiral sand washing machine have no abnormal noise and are running well.

4. When the spiral sand washer is feeding, the material should not hit the water tank strongly. Also, the filling of the water tank cannot be stacked to avoid damage to the barrel.

5. The maximum feed speed of the spiral sand washer should meet the design requirements, otherwise, obstacles will occur.

The above is the relevant knowledge of the spiral sand washing machine, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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