Sand Washing Plant Manufacturer In Malaysia

The sand washing plant manufacturers in Malaysia are suitable for washing, screening, and impurity removal in the industries of sand, building materials, metallurgy, water, and electricity. The cleanliness of the sand and gravel washed by the sand washery plant is improved, and the quality is guaranteed. This article introduces the advantages and maintenance measures of the sand washer.

Sand Washing Plant


1. There is no need to add a screen in the sand washing box, which reduces the loss of the screen and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Also, the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water-receiving materials, which greatly avoids bearing damage caused by water, sediment, and pollutants.

2. Compared with other sand washing equipment, the sand washing plant takes more time and time to find and wash sand, and the sand washing effect is better.

3. The sand washing machine has low power consumption, high cleanliness, and has a good sealing structure. The fully enclosed transmission device and the adjustable weir plate ensure the characteristics of high-quality products with high efficiency, durability, and stability.

4.There is very little loss of fine sand and stone powder in the product after the sand washer is cleaned, and the level and fineness modulus of the cleaned construction sand have reached the construction sand standard in Malaysia’s sand washing plant manufacturer.

Sand Washing Plant


1. After using the sand washing machine for several months, the accessories should be maintained. For example, adjust the tightness of the V-belt to an appropriate level, and lubricate the bearings, mesh, and other parts; check whether the connecting fasteners are loose, etc.

2. When the sand washing machine stops working, the wastewater and deposited dust in the sand washing machine should be removed in time, otherwise, it will affect the sand washing effect and increase the equipment load.

2.In the process of using the sand washing machine, professional and technical personnel should be responsible for supervision. At the same time, it must be ensured that the operator has certain skills, is familiar with the principle and performance of the sand washing machine, and is familiar with the operating procedures.

Sand Washing Plant


1. Price
Sand washing plant manufacturer in Malaysia, after comprehensively considering the performance of the sand washing machine, and then discussing the price, it will save more money to find some factory direct sellers than to find a middleman.

2. Quality
The quality of sand washing equipment is guaranteed. The manufacturer has superb production technology, a professional quality inspection team, and strict production procedures, which can effectively guarantee the quality of sand washing equipment.

3. Perfect after-sales service
As a large-scale sand washing machine manufacturer, it should also provide complete after-sales service, from the selection of the production line to the configuration of the equipment, and then to the subsequent on-site installation and trial operation. The sand washing plant manufacturer in Malaysia is responsible for the entire process.

Sand washing plant manufacturer in Malaysia, the market demand and quality requirements for sand and gravel aggregates have become higher and higher. The use of sand washing equipment can not only improve the production efficiency of the sand production line, but also improve the quality and quality of sand and gravel materials, and provide a stable source of sand and gravel for the market.

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