Installation And Structural Characteristics Of Trommel Screen

The roller screen overcomes the problem of screen sticking and plugging when screening wet materials, and improves the output and reliability of the screening system. Suitable for screening materials of various properties, as well as coal, coal gangue, coke raw lime and other wet easily blocked materials. The size of the product under the screen is 100mm, the middle is 10-50mm, and the fineness can reach 3mm or less. The drum screen is well received by the majority of users. Praise. Please select the appropriate drum screen according to the material situation. Fuhao Machinery can adopt different screen materials, screen hole sizes, high screening efficiency, long service life, and low maintenance costs according to customer requirements.

Trommel screen

Structural characteristics of trommel screen

1. Using the rolling conveying principle, the friction coefficient is small, the abrasion is light, and the screen holes are not easy to be blocked.

2. The roller support adopts an integral through-shaft structure, which runs smoothly, does not vibrate, and has low noise.

3. The internal drum screen parts adopt a split design, with a simple structure, quick and convenient replacement, and maintenance.

4. The drum body adopts an effective fully sealed structure, which does not raise dust and pollution.

5. The operation is safe and reliable, adopts deceleration transmission, high transmission efficiency, low power consumption, low energy consumption, and obvious energy-saving effect.

6. The sieve holes are not easy to be blocked.

7. Smooth operation and low noise.

8. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

9. The whole machine has high reliability and less one-time investment.

10.Using special screens, high screening efficiency, and long service life.

Trommel screen

Trommel screen installation

1.Embedded steel plate. Before installation, the steel plate should be embedded according to the requirements of the equipment installation drawing, and the upper plane of the embedded steel plate is required to be on the same plane. The pre-embedded steel plates and foot bolts required for installation are provided by the installation unit.

2.Installation of the screen body. Determine the installation position of the screen body according to the location of the equipment inlet and outlet.

3.Install the foundation bracket.

4.Connect the inlet and outlet.

5.Connect the sealing plate of the lower bracket of the screen body.

6.Rotate the drum screening cylinder by hand, and there must be no excessive resistance or jamming, otherwise, the cause should be found out and adjusted in time.

6. After the roller screen leaves the factory, if it is installed more than 6 months ago, the bearing of the main shaft must be removed and cleaned before installation, and new grease must be injected.

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