How To Improve The Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine, which can remove impurities, classify, and filter materials. It can screen powdery materials, liquids, but not every material has a high penetration rate. A large screening output, and low screening efficiency. So how to improve the screening efficiency of the circular vibrating screen? Below LZZG has compiled several methods for your reference.

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1. Preparatory work before material screening

Generally, when we use screens to screen materials, we put the materials directly, but what you don’t know is that this is only the median value of the normal product range of the screen, not its high production capacity. Before sieving the materials, preparing the materials for processing according to the characteristics of the sieve machine will greatly improve the screening efficiency. For example, for relatively dry materials, the moisture content can be appropriately increased, for the larger particles of the material, preliminary screening can be carried out in advance, and for the larger water content, the solid-liquid separation can be carried out and then screened, and the motor excitation can be reasonably increased. Vibrating force. These pre-screening preparations can be used in conjunction with the ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

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2. Screening inspection work

After the above work is done, the formal screening work will be carried out. In the screening process, it is indispensable to do the inspection of the screen machine and the inspection of the screened materials regularly. During the normal operation of the screen, the efficiency of the screened materials is determined according to the production requirements. However, since most of the materials screened by the sieve are powdery high-precision materials, long-term production will cause uncertain factors in the screening, which will affect the screening accuracy and screening efficiency. Only by doing regular inspections during the production process can the problems be found and solved in time to ensure the improvement of screening efficiency.

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3. Add a bouncing ball

Some materials are sticky and easy to block the net. At this time, a bouncing ball is required. During the operation of the material, the bouncing ball hits the screen up and down to clear the screen, which can greatly improve the screen penetration rate of the circular vibrating screen in South Africa. Improve the screening efficiency from high.

These are the three aspects to solve the problem of circular vibrating screens. If you want to know more about circular vibrating screens, please contact us.

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