4 Major Factors That Cause Hole Blocking Of Vibrating Screen

The screen is an important part of the vibrating screen. The correct selection and use of the screen directly determine the gradation and quality of the product. High-quality screens need to meet the following conditions.

vibrating screen
(1) The material of the screen must be a special wear-resistant steel wire.
(2) It must have a reasonable weaving form, and the process must ensure that the steel wire is woven tightly and must not be loosened.
(3) The external dimensions and edge shape must be correctly matched with the tension plate and screen frame on the screen.
(4) The screen should be flat and parallel to the opposite sides.
(5) The hemming form should be reasonable, which is conducive to the tension of the screen.

vibrating screen

Screen blocking is one of the common failures during the operation of the vibrating screen. It is formed by various factors, including the shape of the stone, the number of critical articles in the mesh, the thickness of the screen wire, and the shape of the mesh.

1.The Shape of the Stone

In the crushed stone production line, the content of needle-like stones should be as low as possible to prevent the phenomenon of blocking holes in the screen. Generally, the secondary crushing is used in the stone yard, and the jaw crusher is used for the first time. Its crushing principle is squeezing and crushing, which is easy to produce flake stone. The impact crusher is used for the second time. Its crushing principle is impact crushing. If the size of the stone crushed by the jaw crusher for the first time is too small, more flakes will be produced. In order to reduce the ratio of needle flakes, The size of the first crush cannot be too small.

2. The Match of the Screen Mesh Hole and the Wire Diameter

The practice has proved that for the same mesh, too thick steel wire will increase the probability of plugging.

vibrating screen

3. The Shape of the Mesh

Screens generally use square holes, and small meshes use anti-blocking holes. If the holes are seriously blocked, rectangular holes can also be used without affecting the particle size of the stone. However, considering the life cycle, the mesh direction must be paid attention to, otherwise, it will affect the life cycle of the screen.

4. Screen Tension

Reasonable adjustment of the screen tension is an effective way to reduce the hole blocking of the screen. The reasonable tension causes the screen to produce a slight secondary vibration with the supporting beam, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of blocking. The specific method is to make the tension hook into a constant tension mechanism, that is, install a spring on the tension bolt.

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