Protection Measures For Sand Washing Machine

Date: Nov. 25, 2020

The sand washing machine has a greater processing capacity and higher cleanliness in sand making. It is the main equipment in the sand making industry. After long-term use, the efficiency of the sand washing machine will decrease. Therefore, there are several measures to protect the sand washing machine for a long working time.

sand washing line

1. Installation Process

After the sand washer arrives, check whether all parts are complete and damaged, and confirm that the machine is not damaged before installing. When the sand washer is running with no load, the technician should continue to add lubricating oil to check whether the connection point of the sand washer is firm, and then run for about 8-12 hours under load.

2. Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Before starting the sand washer, check the drain hole and the drain hole for debris, and clean it in time to prevent the drain hole from being blocked. Regularly maintain and inspect the equipment of the sand washer. If the maintenance is not timely, various problems will occur, which will reduce the production efficiency of the sand washer.

3. Solid Foundation

It should be ensured that the production line has a solid foundation and sufficient space to ensure the transportation and production of materials. After cleaning, there should be enough storage space to avoid secondary pollution to the sand.

4. Regular Lubrication and Clean

After using the sand washer, develop the habit of cleaning in time. After prolonged accumulation, the pipes of the sand washer may be blocked, shortening the life of the sand washer. When lubricating, please use the lubricating oil of the specified specification and brand.

5. Rust Prevention and Rust Removal

If the sand washer is outdoors for a long time, rust should be removed in time. If the sand washer is in contact with water for a long time but is not treated in time, it will cause the equipment parts to rust and cause awkward operation.

6. Replace Parts Regularly

Regularly observe the internal wear and tear of the sand washing machine, usually once every two months. If the wear is severe, it should be replaced immediately. If you find the belt is damaged, please replace it in time. If there is oil on the belt, please clean it with a rag.

In the long-term operation of the equipment, various wear or failures will occur, and it is necessary to effectively reduce the equipment failure rate and unnecessary maintenance costs.

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