The Difference Between Sealing Plugs, Silicone And Rubber

Date: Nov. 24, 2020

The vibrating screen seal is an indispensable part of the vibrating screen and an indispensable part. So this article will analyze the difference between the silicone material and rubber material of the seal.

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Classification of Seals

The material of the sealing ring can be divided into three types: rubber sealing ring, silicone sealing ring, and polyurethane sealing ring. Generally, the standard configuration of a vibrating screen is a rubber sealing ring. Silicone and polyurethane sealing rings are mainly used for materials with special characteristics, such as high temperature, oily, and corrosive materials.

Rubber-sealed Loop

The rubber seal ring is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on a ring or washer of the bearing and contacts another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent the leakage of lubricant and the intrusion of foreign objects.

Silicone Sealing Ring

Silicone sealing ring is mainly used for waterproof sealing and preservation of daily necessities such as fresh-keeping boxes, rice cookers, water dispensers, lunch boxes, heat preservation boxes, incubators, water cups, ovens, magnetized cups, coffee pots, etc. It has excellent sealing performance and is waterproof. The preservation effect is good, completely non-toxic, and tasteless.

vibrating screen

Cold Resistance

The zero points of ordinary rubber are -20°-30°, that is, silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -60°-70°, and some specially formulated silicone rubber can withstand extremely low temperatures.

Heat Resistance

Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. It can be used almost forever at 150° with no performance change. It can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200° and a while at 350°. Widely used in applications requiring heat resistance, thermos bottle sealing ring, pressure cooker ring heat-resistant handle.

When purchasing vibrating screen seals, you must choose according to the characteristics of your screening materials. Do not choose blindly. Do not underestimate this small part. It plays a vital role in vibrating screening.

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