The Ultimate Features Of Aggregate Washing Machine

Date: Nov. 19, 2020

Aggregate washing machine, also known as stone washing machine, is mainly used to remove impurities from sand products. Because water washing is often used, people are usually called sand washing machines. Sand washers are now widely used in many industries such as building materials, mines, gravel yards, and mixing plants.

wheel sand washer


There are various models of sand washing machines. The common ones are spiral sand washer, wheel sand washer, drum sand washer, vibration sand washer, bucket sand washer. At present, there are two main types of sand washing machines in the market that are most used: spiral sand washing machines and bucket wheel sand washing machines.

The spiral sand washer uses the principle of different sand size and specific gravity and different settling speed of sand and gravel materials so that impurities and high-quality sand are discharged from two different outlets, so as to achieve the role of screening and cleaning.

The bucket-type sand washer is driven by the motor to drive the gear, V-belt, and reducer to drive the rotation of the impeller, so that the sand from the feeding trough enters the washing trough and rolls, grinds each other, and destroys the surface impurities while grinding away. The water vapor layer of sand grains can be cleaned and dewatered. Then, water is added to wash away the impurities and foreign bodies with water flow, and the sand is cleaned.

spiral sand washer


1. The aggregate washing machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. Using a sand washer to clean the sand can save a lot of labor costs, and the degree of cleaning is much higher than that of manual cleaning. The sewage after the sand washing can also be recycled in places where there are other needs, so it can save a part of water resources. The service life of the sand washing machine is also relatively long, the failure rate is small, and it does not need to be repaired and replaced for a long time. This also helps the manufacturer to save a lot of costs.

2. The aggregate washing machine has a high degree of cleanliness. It can effectively remove dirt, dust, and other impurities on the surface of sand and stone. It can also destroy the water vapor layer wrapped on the surface of the machined sand grains, which is beneficial to dewatering the sand and achieving a high-cleanliness cleaning effect. The sand washing machine not only ensures that the sand and gravel meet the construction quality requirements, but also increases the amount of sand washing and reduces a lot of sand making costs. The sand washing machine can also use natural resources such as pebbles and limestone discarded by the river, which fully guarantees the effective development and utilization of natural sand and stone resources.

Sand washer is the best choice in the sand washing industry. Having a sand washing machine suitable for your company can produce high-quality sand while saving costs.

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