Some Facts Until You Reach Your Vibration Exciter

Date: Nov. 30, 2020

Screening equipment is important auxiliary equipment in mining, building materials, chemical industries, and other industries. Its performance directly affects production capacity and technical and economic indicators. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand some common fault diagnosis and solutions of vibrating screens in production practice. The article shares common problems of vibrating screen exciter.

Vibration Exciter

The exciter is the vibration source of the screen body. The amplitude can be adjusted by the counterweight. When the exciter is working, the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric mass is selected as the exciting force. When the two-axis vibration exciter rotates synchronously, the screen box performs reciprocating linear vibration, and the materials are screened through the gap of the drying surface, and finally, the screening work of the product mine is completed.

1. Start under heavy load

Sudden shutdown due to production or other equipment failures makes the screen box full of minerals. If the exciter starts again under heavy load, it is very easy to cause damage to the universal coupling and other parts of the exciter.

Solution: Avoid restarting the vibrating screen under heavy load.

2. Damping system damage

If the damping spring fails or too much material under the screen. The damping system will be uncoordinated and cause damage to the vibration exciter.

Solution: Check the damping spring regularly, and replace the springs that fail and deform in time. When replacing, replace all the damping springs at the same time as possible, and ensure that the springs of each group before and after the replacement have the same stiffness.

Vibration Exciter

3. The quality of the eccentric wheel of the exciter

The function of the eccentric wheel on the vibrator is to make the vibrating screen vibrate, and its mass directly affects the amplitude of the vibrating screen. The quality of the eccentric wheel deviates, and the vibration force generated during operation is dispersed and reflected on the vibrating screen body. Because the amplitude of each part is not consistent, it causes the vibration of the vibrating screen connection part or the connection part weld crack.

Solution: Control the mass deviation of the eccentric wheel on the vibrator and check the wear condition regularly.

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